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Watson Takes Second Tour Stop of 2003
Utica, Michigan (June 8, 2003) - Shawn Watson took home his second MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour stop victory of 2003, winning the Detroit Tour stop on Sunday presented by Chevy Trucks and GM Vortec engines at Four Bears Water Park.

Watson, who won the first stop of the season in Orlando April 12-13, took his second podium while Parks Bonifay finished second and Daniel Watkins finished third.

Watson was surprised by his victory. When the winners were announced, Watson was ready to take second place, thinking Bonifay had taken the stop.

When asked about his riding before the results were final Watson said, " I did all right, but Parks won it. He did everything out there."

Still, Watson takes home his second victory, putting him firmly in control of the 2003 Indmar Points standings with just three more stops to go in the season. Watson's first ever Pro Tour Season championship could be in his grasp with good showings in Portland, Oregon, Kelowna, British Columbia and Irvine, California, the remaining stops of the 2003 season.

In the SeaDoo watercraft Pro Wakeskate series final, Danny Hampson came out of nowhere to take his first win of the season. Hampson took the top spot over favorites Thomas Horrell and Brian Grubb who finished second and third respectively.

In the MasterCraft Junior X Series JD Webb took his third victory of the season to gain a strangle hold on the season points race and give him the best shot at the wild card entry into the X Games in Los Angeles, California August 16-17.

The MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour, presented by Chevy Trucks and GM Vortec Engines, is a five-event circuit organized by World Sports & Marketing of Orlando, Florida. Powered by Indmar, the Pro Tour has the support of the
following: Bud Light, 180 Energy Drink, SeaDoo watercraft, Hyperlite, Perfect Pass, Activision, Liquid Force, Epiphone Guitars, CWB, OJ Props, Gator Boards, Chipper Beef Jerky, Earthboard, Bare Wetsuits,, Billabong, Reef, Love Sac, Body Glove, Capix Helmets, JoyRide, 3thirteen, Indo Boards, One Percent Designs, UGP, Straightline, Bootie Lube, Liquid Lube, Monaco, Double Up, Blindside, 484 Wakeskates and Barts Water Sports.

Sunday's Final Results

Pro Men Finals
1 Shawn Watson (FL) 95
2 Parks Bonifay (FL) 90
3 Daniel Watkins (AUS) 89
Chad Sharpe (CAN) 89
Darin Shapiro (FL) 87
Erik Ruck (WI) 82
Jeff Weatherall (NZL) 81
Shane Bonifay (FL) 77
Andrew Adkison (FL) 75

Pro Wakeskate Finals
1 Danny Hampson (FL) 96
2 Thomas Horrell (FL) 95
3 Brian Grubb (FL) 94
Drew McGuckin (FL) 93
Steven Schoenhals (MI) 92
Brandon Thomas (FL) 91
Daniel Lovett (FL) 90

Junior Men Finals
1 J D Webb (FL) 15.18
2 Scott Hopkins (FL) 14.52
3 Jonathan Nadolski (FL) 14.19
Jeff House (TN) 11.55
Derek Grasman (MI) 10.56
Justin Sellers (NC) 9.24
Justin Butinsky (FL) 7.92
Devin Rogers (FL) 6.27
* Philip Combs (OR) DQ

Pro Men Semifinals
HEAT # 1
1 Chad Sharpe (CAN) 94
2 Parks Bonifay (FL) 93
3 Shawn Watson (FL) 93
Keith Lyman (FL) 87
Danny Harf (FL) 89
Trevor Hansen (FL) 82

HEAT # 2
1 Daniel Watkins (AUS) 93
2 Erik Ruck (WI) 93
3 Jeff Weatherall (NZL) 91
Rob Struharik (OH) 89
Froggy Soven (FL) 86
Shaun Murray (FL) 86

HEAT # 3
1 Darin Shapiro (FL) 93
2 Andrew Adkison (FL) 92
3 Shane Bonifay (FL) 92
Josh Sanders (AUS) 89
Brett Eisenhauer (AUS) 89
Ben Greenwood (FL) 82

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