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SKIREEL Launches the WakePro Rope System
SkiReel Press Release

Austin, Texas, May 14, 2003 – SKIREEL Watersports LLC, manufacturer of the patented WakePro, has commercially launched the sports’ first fully adjustable tow rope system. After years of R&D and engineering, the WakePro hits the market at

The WakePro was born out of necessity and innovation. Eddie Valverde, President of SKIREEL Watersports LLC states, “Having the ability to instantly adjust the rope length as you ride without having to stop the boat is a natural evolutionary step for the sport of wakeboarding not to mention wakesurfing and wakeskating”.

Every rider has a preferred rope length and it can change depending on many factors including ballast and speed. Instantly adjusting to these conditions is what the WakePro is all about.

With the WakePro, you don’t have to stay married to five-foot incremental rope sections because you can reel out or in to any length. The convenience of completely reeling in the mainline between and after sessions is an added feature that keeps the rope from getting tangled,
knotted and off of the boat’s floor.

The WakePro features a universal clamp system from Skylon and Mako that fits all wakeboarding towers. Though all sectioned mainlines can be used with the WakePro, 90 foot all one length ropes from Masterline, Accurate, Straightline, Wakecord™ and others are available from SKIREEL.

The driver and spotter can operate the dash-mounted switch on the fly. The onboard 12-volt battery supplies power to the WakePro via a heavy gauge harness.

To kick off the season, The WakePro will be touring the country with Charley Patterson’s and Jon Lindsay’s Mission 2 Ride Tour as well as Shaun Murray’s and Gerry Nunn’s Backyard Tour.

For updates, events, and to buy your very own WakePro, visit

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