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CWB releases "The Pure"
CWB Press Release

The last few years CWB has used prototype versions of our new shapes at the Wakeboard Expo Trade show in all white tops, no graphics to show off the C.A.P.T. appearance of molding the board to add strength and reduce weight.

We had so many dealers say they wanted to buy boards just like that because it was so clean, simple and cool looking.CWB Pure Wakeboard Now CWB is reacting to the requests of our dealers to introduce the Pure wakeboard. The mold is from the 02 Absolute shape and will be available in 135 cm and 141 cm lengths.

It will have a special "dome" applied to the top of the board between the binding location to identify the model and brand. Besides looking good in all white, we know that many of this model board will be "decaled" or "stenciled" by riders making the board a more personal statement by applying their own graphic.

The CWB Pure wakeboard features four small molded in fins on the bottom with a removable center fin providing lots of options for tracking or for the more progressive "loose" style of riding. This model also has the popular "spine" running down the center of the bottom of the board. The spine or raised area cushions landings. This board has lots of rocker, and is almost 17" wide in the middle to create incredible "pop" off the wake. The unique molded C.A.P.T. top also reduces the swing weight making the Pure easier to spin. Construction of this model CWB board is a compression molded glass wrap around a Baydur Polyurethane resin core, with molded-in inserts for extra durability. The white top material is PBT, and Korad is used for the bottom for strength.

The Pure is available blank or as a "package" with the new Black version of the popular CWB Torq adjustable binding. This package saves you approximately $90.00 at participating CWB dealers. The Torq binding offers full adjustability from the top and bottom lace system. The Torq has the ultra-soft tri-density competition footbed found only on the more expensive wakeboard bindings to cushion landings. This binding also has the neoprene lining for added support and durability, along with metal base plates.
Torq binding has two adjustable sizes: xs-m (6-8), and lg.-xxl (8-13)
Pure Wakeboard spec's:CWB Pure Torq

Size 135 cm
Weight 7.6 lbs.
Rocker 2.45"
Waist Width 16.92"
Rider Weight Up to 170 lbs.
Stance width 17.5-23.5

Size 141 cm
Weight 7.8 lbs.
Rocker 2.75"CWB Pure Action
Waist Width 16.92"
Rider Weight 150 lbs. & Up
Stance width 18.5-24.5"

For more information:
CWB Wakeboards
P.O. Box 716
Lynnwood, Washington 98046 USA

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