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Wakeboarding News Weight Bags Review provides a selection of wakeboard accessories at a great price, and takes a closer look at some of their new boat weighting products. also carries larger bags, but we're taking a look at their smaller weight bags which allow you to fit weight in those nooks and crannies of your boat. All the bags are high quality bags at a price that is cheaper or just as low as any other bag provider out there. We've thoroughly tested the following bags numerous times and have enjoyed their ease of use, convenience, and different bag sizes.

Stiffy BagStiffy Bag
The Stiffy bag is a 60" long by 12" diameter bag that holds 250 lbs of water when full. It has one entry nozzle and a protective bag. As you can tell by the dimensions the Stiffy bag is a great fit for a ski locker, an open bow walkway, or across the back of a boat. Price: $62

Slim BagSlim Bag
The Slim bag is a 36" long by 10" diameter bag that holds 100 lbs of water when full. It also features one entry nozzle and protective bag. What we especially liked about the slim bag was that it can be moved around easily to balance out a wake, put on top of seats, or put in small compartments in the boat due to it's size. It also can be drained without having to use a pump by just lifting it over the edge of the boat. Price: $35

Sand BagSand Bag
The Sand Bag holds 60 lbs of sand and like the Slim Bag, is great for stuffing under seats or in compartments, and it can be moved around easily. At only $9 per bag, it's a very cheap and efficient way to add weight to your boat to help create a bigger wake. Price: $9

Boat ProtectionBoat Protection
ALthough it's not a weight bag, we also checked out the Boat Protection padding from Similar to Astrodeck, these come in 4" x 15" EVA pads with a peel and stick back. These can be used for boat traction or protection in areas that may suffer from board dings or other wear and tear. We primarily used these for boat traction on the top of the sides of the boat, and they worked quite well. Price: 2 for $15.

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