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Fort Lauderdale, Florida (April 5, 2003) - On Saturday at Mills Pond Park the first stop of the South Florida Wakeboard Tour presented by Tommy's Surf, Slalom & Guitar, Hyperlite, and Mastercraft boats, kicked off as wakeboarders of all skill levels took to the water. Spectators lined the shores as Florida’s newest and best wakeboard riders wowed the crowd.

The top scores were handed to John Jeffries (Novice), Ryan Conforti (Intermediate), Summer Seivaggio (Women’s), Victor B Silva (Advanced), and Weston Cotton (Outlaw), with Derek Dyer taking 1st in the open semi-pro division. Derek also took top honors in the Oakley Double-up competition.

The South Florida Wakeboard Tour will be back in Ft. Lauderdale May 24 and July 19 with the Florida Wakeboard Championship taking place September 20 at Okeeheelee Park in West Palm Beach, where the the tour champions will be crowned.

Event sponsors include Reef, Freestyle, Electric, Spy, Dragon, Smith, Billabong, Fly High, Rip Curl, Cobian, , Quiksilver, Screamline, Angel, Roxy, Volcom, Anarchy and Headhunter and Oakley for the double up competition.

For event pictures, check out:

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