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BFY Productions Releases "My Side" Video
"My Side" is here!

Over 35 minutes of the best wakeboarding to date on VHS and DVD.

Riders in the video include Shawn Watson, Parks Bonifay, Mikey Ennen, Aaron Reed, Keith Lyman, and so many more drive you beyond standard expectations of a normal wakeboard video.

Watch Chad Sharpe, Watson, and Parks destroy one of the first towable slider to date. See the California road-trip with the likes of Randy Harris, Shane Bonifay, Brent Starr, Cody Ramsey, Mike Schweene, and many more. Traveling from Washington to California, then back to Florida to only document the best riders of today. Watch Keith Lyman show you why he one of the best wakeboarders to hit the scene in years and watch Aaron Reed kickflip and popshuvit on and off of sliders as one of the most technical wakeskaters to date.

This video includes some of the best up and coming wakeboarding stars of tomorrow and also keeps it real with what you have come to expect from the likes of Parks Bonifay and Shawn Watson. "One of Parks' best sections ever", Shawn Watson says. "My Side expresses where wakeboarding is headed and how it should be represented".

Bonus: The Concussion Project, BFY Productions 2002 release is the bonus section on the DVD. So in all, over 80 minutes of wakeboarding shot from all different angles including helicopters, tube, duck, docks, and moving cars.

MSRP: $24.95 DVD/VHS
BFY Productions

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