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A recipe for Baked Apple Productions
by Kevin Banker

4 1/2 cups School 1 tsb. Fun
I started Baked Apple back in college with the same idea I have now. Having fun making fun films. Back then I started with a comedic mocumentary on freestyle walking called A Walk of Life. Then later in my pursuit into my documentary world I made Spincycle, a look into the rebirth of break dancing. Then in the midst of planning my senior thesis I got a copy of FLF's Mayday. I loved the way that Artie captured the documentary style in an action packed wakeboard setting. Then Sidwayz brings out Switch and Switch 22 which blew my mind. The way that Ronn put them together was so different than anything I had seen before. Then I started thinking, ďI know some people that wakeboard really well; I've got a camera. Why not?Ē 4 weekends of filming and about 3 months in the edit-bay later Wet Dreams: The Wakeboarding Experience was done. It had moderate success but it left me wanting to do more.

Stir and let stand for 20 min. add 2oz. Determination 1/2 cup Dumb Luck
In mid September of last year we got a call from our college buddy Bryan Dawley who was working in the Orlando area. He's had been hanging out at Cathy Williams and Jeff Weatherall's house and they were trying to get promo demos together for the Expo coming up the next weekend. He called us up and asked us if we could help put them together. You don't pass up an opportunity like this, so we said hell yeah! The footage arrived that Monday. We edited the spots on Tuesday. Shipped them out on Wednesday. And they had them on Thursday in time for the Expo that weekend. They we're completely stoked, so they asked us to come down hang out and film. I got down there around mid October and met up with Jeff and Cathy at their place. I was stoked with how fun loving all the riders were. They are all mostly out to have a good time doing what they do great. It's great to hang out with and document such everyday people who possess such extra-ordinary talents. I must tell ya having someone sail 10 feet over your head while your sitting in a tube is an amazing sight. Another great thing about the riders are how true they are to the fans. I know everybody says that, but it's so true, and it is something that makes them stand out. They love getting people involved with the sport.

Add 3 cups Hang Time Kneed until doughy
I can't tell you how accommodating all the riders have been with filming. A little prep work and the desire to ride and Bam!, were filming. All the riders have been so supportive of the process as well. It's exposure for them, and getting to see one of your favorite riders do a trick you love is something that gets you stoked to go ride yourself. I think Andrew Adkinson put it best when he said to me one day, " Man, we're just out here having fun." But underlying that fun is the best mixture of friendly competition I've ever seen. It's that competition that drives the sport to the next level, but the riders all get along so great. Take for instance, I was at Shaun Murray and Andrew Adkinson's birthday this weekend and it was a great time had by all. Much props to Carrie and Shaun. You guys throw one hell of a bash. With Shaun walking around balloon tied to his belt and jump rope around neck, conducting both 50cc races in the front yard and introducing Ricky G. pulling backfilps on his BMX, he pulling out joke after joke and still gets the title for king of the movie lines. Jeff and Andrew proceeded to kick the tar out of me in ping and beer pong, and Jeff was pulling some sweet one footers on the 50 cc about 4 feet off the tabletop, with no injury this time. Not to mention a 3-foot potato gun. Music, food, fun, and a spud launcher. Who could ask for anything more?

Preheat oven to 475 degrees Fit dough to pan add 1 lb. Pre cooked delicious apples Bake for 10 min.
RGB is actually a wakeboard short. I designed it this way because I really havenít seen one before. My plan is to try to get the riders stoked to go ride as fast as possible. The video in itís entirety is only gonna be about 10 min. long. Donít get me wrong, I love longer format films. My future films will be longer format. I just wanted to try this out. It also just kind of leaves the viewer wanting more from the next vid. I shot RGB over October and November of last year right before the cold set in, so we had some really great conditions. It will feature riding from Jeff Weatherall, Andrew Adkinson, Shaun Murray, Gerry Nunn, Ben Greenwood, Lauren Harf, and Steve Williams. The final product is still in the editing process but should be ready by mid to late summer. As a short there will more than likely be a big price difference too. Always a good thing with gas prices the way that they are. More cash to run the boat!

Remove from oven and let stand for 30 min.
We do have a future film in the works right now called Ignition. Itís gonna be probably about 30 min. with a lot of cool transitions. I canít give away too much, but weíre trying to round up a sick roster of riders.

Serve with your favorite side and enjoy!
I hope you all enjoy our story and let us know what you think of the teasers and the finished product when it comes out. Again, a huge thank you to all the riders, friends, and everyone else that made this happen.

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    More About RGB
    RGB is going to be the first commercial wakeboarding video release from Baked Apple Productions. It is geared as a wakeboard short, designed to be only about 10 min. long. The idea behind the video is to get riders amped to ride as fast as possible. I wanted to give them something to watch as theyíre getting their equipment ready or if they just want a quick jolt of adrenaline. Donít get me wrong, I love longer format videos. The rest of my films will probably be longer format. I just wanted to see if I could make this style of video work. The video will feature riding from Jeff Weatherall, Andrew Adkinson, Shaun Murray, Gerry Nunn, Ben Greenwood, Lauren Harf, and Steve Williams. RGB is still in itís final editing stages but it promises to be one of the best short videos to date. Unfortunately we did not have any sponsors for this piece, but it is understood that you must prove you can do the project before sponsors will support the next one. We hope everyone enjoys RGB when it is released this summer.

    We are also in the beginning stages of our next video entitled Ignition. It is going to be a full-length video probably about 30 min. We are still putting together a rider roster and looking for sponsors. If you are sponsor interested in becoming part of this exciting video please contact us at (912) 224-9558 or email us at

    Kevin Banker
    Baked Apple Productions
    (912) 224-9558

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