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Tigé Names 2003 Team
Tigé Boats Press Release

Tigé Boats is proud to name our 2003 International Team of Professional Riders. Fresh off Team Tigé’s best year ever, in 2003, this year’s team is the strongest ever, boasting young riders that are the future of the sport of wakeboarding.

The Tigé lineup includes:

ERIK RUCK – 2002 Wakeboard Pro Tour Champion, 2002 Pro Men World Champion, 2002 Pro Tour Winner, Indianapolis and Irvine

DANIEL WATKINS – 1997, 1999, 2001 Australian National Champion, 2002 WWC World Pro Championship Winner

TINO SANTORI – 2002 U.S. OPEN Wakeboard Champion, 2002 Vans Triple Crown Junior Champion, 2002 WWA National R. Men Champion

KEITH LYMAN – 2001 WWA World Junior Champion, Jr. Men, 2002 AWA Nationals Pro Men Champion

CATHY WILLIAMS – 2001 IWSF World Wakeboard Champion, 2001 AWA Nationals Pro Women Champion

CHRIS BISCHOFF – TEAM MANAGER – all round legend

This year’s Team Tigé is the strongest, with the most talented, innovative and cohesive group of riders ever. The addition of young riders such as Tino and Keith really gives Team Tigé a strong contest presence, as well as Erik’s 2002 domination. We look set for podium finishes all year. We also now have a great balance of spinning, technical and just plain going-big styles between Erik, Keith and Tino.

“Daniel has really ridden his best ever since Rio in November and winning the Aussie Pro Tour,” said Bischoff, Team Manager for Tigé.

Team Tigé will compete at all events this year on the pro wakeboard tour. Chris Bischoff and Cathy Williams both have scheduled nationwide traveling tours and clinics this summer throughout the entire dealer network.

For more information and individual rider’s bio’s, visit or Lu Ann Green at 915-676-7777.

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