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New NoFlex Barz Stiffener Platez
NoFlex Inc. has released their follow up product to Lokz, the Barz Stiffener Platez. They're designed to work like Lokz, but provide more support against binding lift.

Technical Data:

The cam lever is made of 6061 T6 aviation grade aluminum and then anodized in 6 different colors. Then a stainless steel pin is used to connect the lever to the stainless steel screw. The nylon cam washer and the anodized cup washer are held in place with a 1 nylon washer, essentially making the Lokz all one piece, with no loose parts to keep track of when making binding adjustments or changes. Inside the cam lever is a spring and ball bearing that provides a detent action, holding the lever in either the up or locked positions. When locked the Lokz cam lever provides positive pressure, preventing them from coming loose.

NoFlex Barz were designed specifically to be used with the Lokz Binding Boltz, but can also be used independently with the hardware provided in the packaging. The Barz are made of 6061 T6 aviation grade aluminum and anodized in 6 different colors, to match the available colors of the Lokz. The Barz themselves will retail for $29.95, very competitive with the other stiffener plates currently on the market. The key to selling the Barz is the opportunity the customer has to add the Lokz to their board down the road without losing their investment in a set of stiffener plates that are not compatible with the Lokz Binding Boltz.

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Barz Stiffener Platez

Barz Stiffener Platez

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