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Malibu Just Ride Clinics
In cooperation with local Malibu dealers and Team Malibu pro riders, Malibu Boats has created a series of wakeboard clinics.
(Merced, CA) - Do your "sick" tricks really make you ill? Does your riding bring on a queasy feeling felt by all? Malibu Boats feels your pain and they have recruited several doctors of wakeboarding to put you out of your misery.

Malibu Boats and their exclusive dealer network are partnering with world-renowned Team Malibu riders to create the Malibu Just Ride Clinics. Kicking-off May 17th, these wakeboarding infirmaries will spring up all over the United States and Canada to nurse the "big-air" challenged.

Team Malibu riders Joel Cahill, Gerry Nunn, Mike McLin, Ricky Gonzales, Mike Weddington, Dallas Friday and Marie Botved-Studd will be making rounds as the Malibu Just Ride Clinic emergency staff. At each clinic two of these professional athletes will treat participants with expert instruction and mind-blowing tows behind a Malibu Wakesetter VLX.

Visit the nearest Malibu Just Ride Clinic for proper treatment of those sickening wakeboard moves.

May 17 - Austin, TX Central Texas Watersports - 512-343-7250

June 9 and 10 - Chicago, IL - Munson Ski/Inboard Watersports

June 14 - Waterford/W. Bloomfield, MI - Skier's Pier - 815-363-5400

June 21 - Indy, IN - Morse Lake Inboard - 248-674-8800

June 28 - High Point, NC - Pro Marine - 317-984-7004

July 12 - Phoenix, AZ - Paradise Watersports of Arizona - 602-470-9800

July 19 - Portland, OR - Hayden Island - 503-289-4007

Aug. 2 - Sacramento, CA - California Watersports - 916-991-9100

Aug. 8 - Bala, Ont. CAN - Sun & Ski - 705-762-1083

Aug. 21 - Orlando, FL - Boat Tree -407-422-8141

Sept. 6 - West Palm Beach, FL - S. Florida Ski Boats & WS, Inc. - 561-684-1871

Amy L. Mauzy
(209) 383-7469 ext. 348

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