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Featured March Rider: Brett Lee
By Bill Reynolds of Hyco Lake Boats N Boards

WB: Whatís your name and where are you from?

BL: Brett Lee from Brooks, Georgia.

WB: You are 14 years-old correct?

BL: Well, I turned 15 in November, so 15 now.

WB: How long have you been riding Brett?

BL: Two and a half summers.

WB: Your older brother Brandon hooked up this interview for you, did he teach you to wakeboard also?

BL: (laughs) No, we started at the same time.
Brett Lee Wakeboarding
WB: So, I am sure there is no rivalry there at all right?

BL: (laughs) We donít have much of a rivalry on a wakeboard. Sometimes in motocross though.

WB: So you ride motocross also?

BL: Yeah, thatís pretty much my main sport.

WB: Thatís awesome, do you race?

BL: Yes.

WB: What class do you run in?

BL: 125 and 250 Intermediate.

WB: Are we going to be seeing you do the big vert tricks on ESPN before long?

BL: No I donít do too many tricks, just race.

WB: What kind of tricks are you landing on your wakeboard?

BL: Well, at the end of last summer my biggest ones were a Whirlybird, Raley, Toeside 540, Toeside Roll to Revert, and HalfCab roll.
Brett Lee Motocross
WB: Quite the bag of tricks.

BL: (laughs) I guess.

WB: What tricks are you working on for the summer?

BL: Wrapped KGB, Heeslide 540, Backside 360, Front Flip, Pete Rose, plus whatever else comes to my head when Iím out there.

WB: Have you tried any of those yet?

BL: I tried a Wrapped KGB, but I didnít have a wrapped handle at the time, so it didnít work out. I also tried Backside 360s but I couldnít find the handle.

WB: Do you have that wrapped handle problem worked out yet?

BL: Yeah, luckily.

WB: What is your current riding setup?

BL: Ď02 Parks Boots, 03 Premier 135, 02 Byerly 137, scape 107.

WB: Do you compete in wakeboarding also?

BL: I havenít competed yet, but this year we are going do some of the competitions that Ambush is heading up, and I guess some INT stuff.

WB: Where is your local lake/riding spot?

BL: We have a lake house on a small lake called lake Jackson. I go to Lake Martin and Lake Westpoint too.

WB: Some good water down there?
Brett Lee Wakeboarding
BL: Yeah.

WB: So what is the riding scene like in Brooks, Georgia?

BL:Well, I really donít know many good local riders, I guess because we havenít been to any competitions yet, but Iím pretty sure there are some good ones out there.

WB: There arenít a lot of riders on the lakes you go too?

BL: No, theyíre mostly lakes with a bunch of bassers.

WB: Sounds like the same problem we have! How often you get to ride?

BL: Well in the summer, we usually take a break from motocross, and pretty much live at the lake house. I ride at least three times a week, usually more like five.

WB: Who are your riding buddies?

BL:Is this like the shout outs or something?

WB: Sure, go for it.

BL: Oh, my brother of course, and we got a small crew that we ride with, about 7 or 8 people or so.

WB: Wow, quite a crew there, do you all push each other to go bigger and get better?

BL: Definitely!

WB: Where do you see the industry going?

BL: I think it will get pretty big, especially with the TV coverage, and the cable parks popping up everywhere these days.

WB: Have you ever rode at a cable park?

BL: Yeah, myself and a bunch of my friends went to OWC last November, its really fun. Itís a lot different being behind the boat though.

WB: How is it different?

BL: It pulls you from way up and thereís more flex to it cause the cable moves around so much. But it was definitely a good experience.

WB: Did you hit some slider and kickers?

BL: Yes.

WB: Did you land anything big on them?
Brett Lee Mountain Bike
BL: Nothing too big, 360s off the kinked slider, stuff like that.

WB: Do you have any advice for people that are just starting out?

BL: Just keep at it, and donít worry about going pro or getting a bunch of sponsors.
Just do it for the fun, because thatís all it is about.

WB: What is it about wakeboarding that keeps you so interested?

BL: Itís something that me and my friends like to do, I like being around the water, and its just really fun.

WB: Are there any riders that motivate you from the pro level?

BL: I like the way Murray rides, but I donít really look up to many people that ride, I just ride.

WB: Are you looking for sponsors currently or just riding to ride?

BL: Ambush started helping me and my brother out this year, I mean I like to just ride, but if people want to support me, I definitely wonít turn them down. Weíve got some really good motocross sponsors too, but they donít really do much for wakeboarding you know?

WB: Anyone you would like to thanks for getting you where you are today?

BL: I would like to thank my family, especially my grandparents for everything theyíve done. Ambush, Thor Motocross, Motosports Honda (I know those arenít wakeboarding companies, but they are really good to me), and Jesus Christ.

If you know a rider that is worthy of being featured on, let us know.

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