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Correct Craft Patent For Towers Held Valid
Orlando, Fla. February 27, 2003 — A nine person jury in the United States District Court for the Middle District Court for the Middle District of Florida today unanimously found valid Correct Craft’s U.S. Patent RE37,823 for wakeboard towers, and that Atlantic Towers of New Jersey had willfully infringed this patent.

In late 1996, Correct Craft developed the special tower, which has since revolutionized the sport of wakeboarding. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued a first patent to Correct Craft for this development in November 1999. This patent then underwent a rigorous reissue proceeding. MasterCraft has since taken a license, as have Princecraft and Tennessee Watercraft (Yamaha). Tower Manufacturers who have also taken a license under Correct Craft’s wakeboard tower patents include Air Boom of Canyon Lake, California; Metcraft Enterprises of Sylmar, California; Proffitt’s Machining of Greenback, Tennessee; and Tennessee Custom Products of Maryville, Tennessee. Other licenses are pending.

“Correct Craft is pleased with the jury’s validation of our position,” said Correct Craft Vice President Larry Meddock. “We have an incredible team of designers and engineers who worked very, very hard on this project. It is great to see that the court system recognizes intellectual property and offers protection to those who have worked so hard to achieve improvements to their products and the sports they affect.”

Correct Craft, Inc.® is the oldest family-owned and operated boat manufacturer in the world. This 78-year old Florida company, a leader in the watersports niche, is well known for its pioneering technology and innovative hull designs.

For Further Information Contact:
Larry J. Meddock, V.P.
Correct Craft, Inc.
Ph: (407) 855-4141

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