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"MY SIDE" Video Premier
A new wakeboarding video called "My Side" from BFY Productions will be taking place March 15th at the University of Washington. "My Side" is the sequel to last year's "The Concussion Project".

What: "My Side" Wakeboard Video Premiere

When: March 15, 8:30 pm

Where: University of Washington, Kane Hall, Room 130

Cost: $3

Who: Sean Kilgus of BFY productions is premiering his new wakeboard video,
"MY SIDE." It showcases top pros and northwest riders filmed in Florida, California, and Washington. Shawn Watson, Nick Weinacker, Brent Starr, Bret van den Heuvel, Mikey and Nick Ennen will be at the showing. Wakeboarding Magazine will also be covering the event. There will be a raffle and special DVD sale prices. "My Side" is the sequel to last year's release "The Concussion Project." Spread the Word!

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