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Canopy Effects Productions Interview and Video
Canopy Effects Productions is a new video company started by 22 year-old filmmaker Charles Berquist. The following is an interview with Charles and a link to watch Canopy's debut free web video.

WB: Tell us about the philosophy and reasoning behind Canopy Effects Productions.

CB: I started this company because I want to share my vision of our sport through a camera. Also, to shoot with some of the best unknown and known riders. Each project is intended to be supported by the riders that don’t get featured in the big team videos and projects. I know that there are a lot of riders out there that ride with style and stay true to the sport and that is what I intend to capture. One of my main goals is to get someone to throw one of my videos in before they go riding, or show it to someone that has never seen our sport before. Most of all I want to make videos that riders will enjoy.

WB: What's the history of Canopy Effect Productions?

CB: I started up Canopy Effect Productions last winter, preparing for a video to come out in the fall of 2002. I filmed with a bunch of guys in the summer of 2002, and got a lot of great footage, but I felt that I could not release a video that I was completely happy with and that was long enough. I also felt that more work in the studio with developing my own editing techniques and flavor would prove to be beneficial in 2003. After a few months I decided that I would edit the stuff that I had been working with into a sequence of videos for riders on the web for free. That way I could get my name out there and give something to the wakeboard community that they would enjoy but not have to shell out a bunch of cash.

WB: That's cool of you to provide the video footage for free. Tell us about the video.

CB: I have scheduled three videos to be released in the coming months (although there may be more). I plan to have all of them up by the time spring rolls around. This will give everyone that is indoors for the winter, a chance to see something new. The first video is basic and is just our “intro” for everyone. I figured that I would keep it short and somewhat small, if you consider 12 MB small. The next two videos I have decided will be complete sections running about 5 to 6 minutes. Each one is planned to have a different feel to it. The videos will also be available in different sizes for people who have really fast connections or for people with really slow connections.

WB: What's your plan for Canopy Effect Productions after releasing the videos?

CB: Once summer rolls around to this area of the U.S. Canopy Effect Productions will begin shooting for our debut release. The format we will be shooting in will be DV, but I will spend a lot of time in post production working of the video to fine tune all of the video so it looks just as good as any other type of medium. I am now working with DVD authoring and by the time the video comes out I should be able to come out with a well put together DVD. Also, depending on what you, the riders, want I will also work on VHS copies.

Also, I worked with a lot of good riders last year, but I am always looking for more. So if you can hang, and really think that you are good enough to ride in the video then e-mail me or give me a call. One of the main reasons for this company is to uncover talent that usually doesn’t get into the big team videos. I know that there are a handful of guys on this site alone that absolutely murder it, so shoot me an e-mail. I plan to make a few trips down to Orlando and some other areas around the US this summer, providing that I can keep the cash flow up.

I am always looking for input from anyone that wants to see something in a video that they haven’t seen. So e-mails and responses to anything that I put out is always welcome.

Check the Canopy Effects web site frequently; there will be updates and changes all the time. Thanks to everyone that has helped Canopy Effect start up: Mom, Dad, Peege, Jim Mack, Nick Beecher, Dave Celichowski, B3 Marine and Watersports, Greg Meloon, Midwest Mission to Ride, Brad Arsnov, Eric Arsnov, Scot Ferwerda, JB Millel, and of course for their continued support.

NOTE: If you wish to be put on the Canopy Effect mailing list to be updated on site changes and new media, send an e-mail to

NOTE: We are also still open to sponsors for the debut video, so if you are interested call 847-778-2258.

  • Watch Exhaust Video from Canopy Effects Productions - 11.7 MB Quicktime

    Canopy Effect Productions

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