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Vikingsextreme Sponsors 2003 Cable Wakeboard Tour
Vikingsextreme, Inc. will help spread the word about the rising popularity of cable wakeboarding by again partnering with the North American Cable Wakeboard Tour as a major sponsor for the 2003 season.

After a very successful first year, the 2003 Cable Wakeboard Tour will have four stops at cableways all over the US and Canada this season. “My goal for 2003 is to continue the momentum we started last year by getting more people - riders, spectators and sponsors - involved and addicted to cable,” says David Cornwall president of the American Wakeboard Association and founder of the both the Tour and the World Cable Wakeboard Association. “Once riders realize that virtually every trick that can be performed behind a boat can also be done on the cable, hopefully they’ll expand their wake repertoire and come out and join in on the fun.”

“We’re very excited about our continued partnership with the Cable Wakeboard Tour because we see its great potential for growth in the US and Canada. Anything that brings new enthusiasts to wake is good for all of us who promote the sport,” says John Cunha, founding owner of Vikingsextreme. “We’ve had the pleasure of working with David as one of our sponsored riders for two years now and find the energy he brings to wake absolutely addictive.”

Cable wakeboarding has become extremely popular in the last few years and is expanding rapidly across the globe. Several new cable parks are planned or being built in both the US and Canada. “There are many reasons to endorse cable riding,” says Andy Dooley, Vikingsextreme co-owner. “It’s cost-effective, and brings new participants to wakeboarding, many of whom might not otherwise be able to take it up. It’s also environmentally friendly by allowing more participants on the same amount of water than when riding behind a boat.”

Vikingsextreme is an extreme clothing company best known for its involvement in professional and recreational wakeboarding, although it is also active in snow and kite boarding. More recently the company committed itself to the sports of BMX and mountain bike racing by joining with Northern Lights Racing Team and its community outreach programs. Vikingsextreme also assisted the US Nordic Combined Team before the 2002 Winter Olympics. Vikingsextreme has been supporting athletes directly or as part of a team since 2001.

For more information contact John Cunha at Vikingsextreme (530) 550-1910 or David Cornwall at 2003 Cable Wakeboard Tour (407) 256-3312.

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