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With the amount of accessories available for wakeboarding boats today and the ideas that pop up on the message boards and at events around the nation, we decided to give our visitors the opportunity to show off their hard work. So for all you accessory junkies out there, we are calling you out to show off your pride and joy in our new custom boats section of the site.

As much as we would like to list every one of our visitor's boats, we simply don't have the manpower to accomplish that task. The purpose of this new section of the site is to show off the boat's of those who went the extra mile and spent the extra bucks on all of the "bling bling". We are also looking for those creative minds who decided that they could do a better job on their own and built their own custom ballast system, tower, speakers, etc. If you and your boat fall into either of the two categories, then you are a prime candidate to be featured in an article. We want to show off the hard work that has been put into building the perfect wakeboard boat. We also want to give others ideas that they may be able to do to their own rig.

How To Enter Your Boat
If you would like to submit your boat to the custom boat section of the site, it will only take a little work on your part before you send it in.

  • Get The Details - We like to be specific when describing products and accessories, so make sure you give a detailed description. Tell us about your boat from the tip of the bow to the end of the swim platform. Also include brand names and even model numbers if you have them. Others will greatly appreciate your boat, but will appreciate it even more when they see something they like and can immediately find the exact same thing.

  • A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words - We can't exactly show off a great looking boat without high quality images, so make sure to take some good pictures of your boat before submitting it. When we say, "high quality", that doesn't necessarily mean that you need to get a professional photographer, it just means to take some shots of your boat without any obstructions in the way and not from a far distance. Close up shots of custom ballast installs or homemade tower speakers will also be great for other visitors.

  • Be Willing To Answer Questions - If your boat does make it to a featured article, there will be things about your boat that we like as well as our visitors and there will be plenty of questions. So please be willing to answer questions about how certain things were put together or how you may have pulled off a particular install. As mentioned before, this is for our visitors to show off their toys, but it is also for others to learn from.

    The Address
    Once you compile a detail description of your boat and have some good images of it, simply attach it to an email and send it to:

    We will be choosing what we think are the best customized or most useful customizations for other visitors every few weeks. This may possibly lead to other contest and/or more visitor participation later on, so get your stuff together and submit your boat today. We are all waiting to see what some of you have come up with.

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