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Malibu Boat Buyers Brave The Elements
Hendersonville, TN - How bad do you want a Malibu? Well a handful of folks in Tennessee tipped the scales with their answer to that question. This month five eager boat-going families bundled up and braved snowy, 32-degree temperatures to test drive Malibu boats.

It was business as usual for the owner of Nashville Inboard Water Sports. Sherman Cairns offers a Malibu Demo Day each year after the Nashville Boat Show, but this year Mother Nature had her own plans.

Malibu Response Demo
The Malibu Demo Day fell on the tale end of a nasty cold front sweeping through Tennessee. For most, less enthusiastic, boat dealers the weather would be good reason to postpone a boat test drive, but Cairns wouldn't hear of it. They don't call him the "Sherminator" for nothing.

The Demo Day went off as planned. Dealership personnel bundled up and set out to the frozen lake followed by five die-hard families who just had to test a Malibu.

Once they arrived at Old Hickory Lake in Rock Harbor, the boats were set a float in the chilly 37 degree water and surrounded by shores of white. It had snowed 8 inches the night before, but no one even winced. The test drive commenced and five families set out to find the perfect tow boat for them.

The prospective boat buyers had their chance to test a 2003 Response LXi, Sunscape 21 LSV and Sunscape 23 LSV. None of the Malibus had any trouble cutting through the occasional patch of floating ice, but not many were interested in those results since it doesn't normally freeze during the season.

The interested parties took notice of the boats' snappy accelerations and consistent top speeds, as well as the precise maneuvering capabilities of Malibu's Instantaneous Response Technology (IRT). The two Sunscapes wrapped drivers and passengers in luxury backed with comfort and unrelenting performance. The Response LXi dispelled the myth that a tournament level tow boat has to be cramped and replaced it with
room for family supported by a record breaking hull.

After the test drives, Sherman led his entourage of extreme boaters back to the dealership and sealed all five deals. The day was a great success in spite of it all and in the end Sherman accomplished his mission to expose even more boaters to the Malibu Difference.

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