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2003 North American Cable Wakeboard Tour
Orlando, FL - The American Wakeboard Association is pleased to announce the new schedule for the 2003 North American Cable Wakeboard Tour. After an hugely successful first season last year, the Tour is poised to continue the momentum generated by the growth of cable wakeboarding and wakeskating worldwide by expanding the presence of this new extreme sport for riders all over the USA and Canada.

Already well-established and immensely popular in Europe, Asia, and Australia, competition wakeboarding on the cable is finally taking root in the North America, and is rapidly gaining in popularity.

Chris Rameriz Raley
"We're thrilled about the upcoming season!" said David Cornwall, Tour Director and president of the American Wakeboard Association. "The Tour was founded to create an avenue that would bring riders in the US and Canada up to par with our counterparts in organized competition around the world. The great success of the Tour's first season last year, plus the enthusiasm and excitement from the riders will only add fuel to the fire for cable wakeboarding to continue its rapid growth across the globe."

Top cable riders such as Donald Shelbrick (2002 US Tour Winner), Rob Mapp (1999 World Champion), Brad Federspiel (2001 US Champion), other pro riders such as Keith Lidberg and Chad Forrest, as well as top wakeskaters Brandon Thomas (2002 National Champion) and Ty Benfield (2002 Tour Winner) will be back for another season of innovative and spectacular crowd-pleasing aerial maneuvers sure to keep fans on the edge of their seats. This year riders will also be hoping to achieve a place on TeamUSA that will compete in the World Cable Wakeboard Championships to be held in October in Brisbane, Australia.

The 2003 season will host four Tour Stops, three in the USA and one in Canada:

  • May 10 - Tour Stop #1 - Ski Rixen - Deerfield Beach, FL

  • July 19-20 - Tour Stop #2 / USA Cable Nationals - Texas Ski Ranch - New Braunfels, TX

  • August 2-3 - Tour Stop #3 / Canadian Cable Nationals - Beach Club - Montreal, Canada

  • September 20-21 - Tour Stop #4 - Orlando Watersports Complex - Orlando, FL

The Tour is open to wakeboarders and wakeskaters from all levels, amateur to pro, and all are encouraged to enter. For more information on the 2003 North American Cable Wakeboard Tour, check out

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