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CDI Aluminum Fin Review
A new fin company called Chrome Dome Industries has developed a progressive line of aluminum fins designed to ride smoother while taking the abuse sliders and kickers can cause on fins.

Based out of Portland, Oregon, Chrome Dome Industries spent considerable time working on the engineering design for their new aluminum fin line. What they've come up with, is a line if fins that features long and wide bases to provide good stability while also allowing the fin length to be short. This base also allows the fin to do less damage to the board, and gives it a stronger base to keep it from breaking on sliders.

The fins are made of a special aluminum alloy, and as they say on their site, you won't break these fins. It just doesn't happen. I for one have broken fins on sliders, so I know a fin like this will be economically smart for me, as well as keeping me from having to switch out fins all the time. It also helps that the threads for these fins are metal, instead of fiberglass or plastic. This means that the screw won't strip out the threads, allowing your fin to hold more solid and reducing the risk that it would fall off.

The fins also have a shiny aluminum look, which looks pretty sharp on pretty much any kind of board.

We've been using these fins for a couple of months now, and we love both their hold in the water, weight, and durability. CDI has also just signed Collin Wright as their first team rider. Wright does his fair share of obstacle hitting, so the CDI fins are a natural for him.

The fins range from 1.3 inches to 2.4 inches, and in three different shapes. They also feature removable inserts so they can be used on one or two screw boards.

With such good features, you'd think these fins were expensive, but they aren't. All the fins are available for $22.95 at Check out the site for more pictures and information.


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