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Q&A with Earl Ball Owner of QuestATX
When are you opening?
That's everyone's favorite question. We are amazed and excited to hear from so many people who are anticipating our opening. As of right now, our expectation is the first week in August and we will have a few preview days before we open. Our plan is to break-in the system and sign-up new season pass holders that week. Check for updates.

You are surrounded by Ski Ranches (Waco, New Braunfels). Why don't you have Ranch in your name.
130 acres can feel like a ranch, but that not us. We plan to mold this place into something very unique for Austin. QuestATX will be way more than a just cable park. The city of Austin is full of unique individuals and we want to cater to that. From musicians and artists, to nontraditional athletes we plan to have a diverse range of events and activities. We are starting with the cable because that's our core passion, but we definitely plan to branch out. Our main goal is fun.

With all that land are you going to let people camp?
Not right now. We want to get the park up and running first. We will have some type of accommodation eventually, but concentrating on the cable is priority.

Does the cable run clockwise or counterclockwise?
Clockwise. The positives for a clockwise system on this site were hard to ignore. I will still drive down to New Braunfels to get my counterclockwise fix every few months.

Why did you keep your park a secret?
We weren't trying to keep it a secret. When you work on a project for so long, it's hard to tell what's real, and what's not. We wanted to be certain that this project was going to come to fruition before we started talking about. After we broke ground and started construction, we decided to start spreading the word. We've had such a great response and support, it's very motivating.

Will you sell alcohol or food?
In true South Austin fashion, we will have food trailers on site. We plan to start out with two or three and grow from there. We will not have a liquor license, but you can bring your own drinks.

So, I can bring a cooler and beer?
Yes, we want to be a place people can come and relax for the day. We will have a beach and hang-out area, with a lot of shade (eventually). We just ask that you don't bring glass and don't drink and ride, of course.

With so many cables in Texas are you working any other parks?
We're always open to working and partnering with other parks and companies. The guys from Hyrdos visited the site a few months ago and we had a quick conversation about a mini Texas tour, but nothing official. They were the first park to work with Sesitec and they also work with Unit rails, so it's great to be apart of that group. We're really dedicated to helping the Texas cable wakeboard industry flourish, so we look forward to seeing how we can work with other parks to spread the word.

Are you working with any vendors?
We are working with CTRL for all of our rental gear and are excited to support them as they grow. We look forward to creating some unique products in the next few years. There is a magazine partnership in the works, we hope to finish it up in the next few months. We also plan to put all of our news and videos on

Do you have a partnership with any boat companies?

Are you going to have a grand opening?
Absolutely. But we're waiting until our stage area is complete. We plan to have multiple bands play, and a handful of other activities. We don't know when, but a big party is on the calendar.

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