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Chrome Dome Industries Signs Collin Wright
LAKE OSWEGO, OR - Chrome Dome Industries has signed Collin Wright to be the company's first team rider and company representative.

"As a company built by riders, we feel that Collin's progressive riding style and personality are a perfect representation of what CDI fins is all about." said Lyle Ramsdell, president of Chrome Dome Industries. "Collin has a great range in riding from throwing 540's to wakeskating to hitting sliders, he's one of the sports most talented all around riders."

Chrome Dome Industries is working on a new fin design with Collin. Look for a Collin Wright signature fin to be introduced early this season.

Chrome Dome Industries is the premier maker of polished solid aluminum
wakeboard fins. The current line of fins includes the Pharaoh (a-tac,) the Dynasty (slider) and the Royale (surf.) CDI has engineered their fins to weigh within fractions of an ounce of standard fiberglass fins, yet they are at least three times as strong. The widened base design also keeps the fin from denting into the base of the board when hitting sliders. Check out CDI fins at

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