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Skier's Choice Announces Partnership's
Skiers Choice, Manufacturer of Supra and Moomba inboard boats, is proud to announce a partnership with the AWA (Arizona Wakeboard Association).

The Arizona Association is responsible for hosting WWA (World Wakeboard Association) sanctioned contests, clinics, and demos throughout the state of Arizona. “It was important to me that the boat we chose as the “official boat of the AWA represent us, as well as we represent it”. “The Mobius-V did exactly that”. “Its wake is world class, and only gets bigger and cleaner the more weight you add.” “This boat also has the best rough water ride of any tourney boat I have been in.” “To sum it up, the pro quality wake, driving performance, and style of this boat made it an easy choice,” stated Tom Bugg, president and cofounder. The dedication of the AWA to the sport of wakeboarding has resulted in tremendous membership growth with over 250 members. “We are excited about the opportunity to be affiliated with such a committed group of enthusiasts who are dedicated to introducing the sport of wakeboarding to so many,” stated Jay Warren, Marketing Manager of Skiers Choice. For more information about the AWA, you can go to

Skiers Choice is also proud to announce an extention of their partnership with the INT.

We are excited to be able to extend our relationship with the INT for an additional two years. The INT’s mission to help create and grow our sport through a tremendous network of local grass roots tournaments for various ages and skill levels goes hand in hand with our own marketing efforts and corporate desires, stated Jay Warren, the marketing manager of Skier’s Choice.

Skier’s Choice is one of the leading manufacturers of luxury and tournament inboard boats in the world and is headquartered in Maryville, Tennessee.

For additional information, please contact Jay Warren at 865-856-3035 or visit us on the web at either or

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