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2003 Hyperlite Parks Series
By: Hyperlite Press Release

The most aggressive and explosive board Hyperlite has designed to date. This board was designed for riders looking for a quick edge-to-edge feel and our signature 3-state pop. The Parks Series rides so different than any other Hyperlite board because of it's strong characteristics on and off the water.

Right now there isn't much of a dispute as to who is really at the forefront of wakeboarding. Parks always hits the biggest rail slides and pulls the most technical freestyle tricks. His video sections the last couple of years have kept many near the rewind button and his contest results usually have him doing an interview on the podium. He has been with the Hyperlite family for 2 years now which has given him the opportunity to learn a lot about the spectrum of board personalities. Parks needed to be aware of what he wanted in a board - he won the Gravity Games on a Project, filmed for the Pointless video on a Premier, and won the Pro Tour title on a Byerly board. Now he truly knows what kind of board caters his style. Hyperlite proved with his innovative binding that his products can be one of the best selling. We are about to do it again with his new ride. Parks was able to put all of his favorite qualities into this new series.

Fins - 8" long and 1.2" deep + distinct fin placement.

Fin Location - These fins are close to the rail of the board so it creates a stronger edge hold that reacts quicker. Despite the wide profile, this board rolls over fast and smooth.

Rocker - Abrupt 3-State explosion.

Center Width - 143: 17", 138: 16.8", 133: 16.6"

Tip/Tail Width - 10.5" at the end. Fuller tip boards have more of a solid feel off the wake.

Tunnel Design - Deepest tunnel shape on a Hyperlite board. This deep tunnel has additional water flowing through it, keeping the tail more intact with the water.

Center Beam - The deep center beam helps push the water out on the landings and breaks up the slap on the water.

Profile - Parks was very critical of the last 6" of the board. The fuller the tip/tail profile is, the less the board rolls over when on edge. For his style of riding, he wanted the board to stand up hgiher as the board cuts up the wake. Hyperlite also added more surface area in the end of the board - this gives the board more ollie power and additional snap off the wake.

Step Down Rail - Parks prototyped many versions of depths and lengths of rails and designed our most aggressive step down rail to date. This reinforced the edgy design he was looking for.

Shipping: Expected to start shipping soon.

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Parks Bonifay Biolite

Parks Bonifay DNA

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