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PHALANX Inc announces today that Ray Cruz has joined the Cause as its Operation Manager, and Design
Ray comes to PHALANX with the same passion for wakeboarding that most of us here have, and with over a decade of art directing, design, and product managing experience.

In January 2009 Ray became Product Manager and Designer/Developer for Company Wake. In 2008, Ray founded Rogue Design Syndicate, with art design and product development clients such as CWB, O'Brien, Liquid Force, Gator Boards, Phalanx Wake, Company Wake, and Remote Wakeskates. Prior to this, he was with Fly Racing as the Product Developer. From late 2004-2008 he was the Creative Director for Liquid Force, and during the summer of 2004, Ray was a part of the art department at Troy Lee Designs. From early 1999-2004 he was the Art director at Liquid Force Wakeboards. Ray started his wakeboard industry career in 1997 at Launch Wakeboard magazine as Art director.
"I'm so stoked to be a part of this dedicated and passionate team. John, Kevin, Troy, Ricky G and BJ (the Phalanx crew) have been doing some awesome work so far. I've known some of these guys for a long time, Troy something like 15 years now and I can honestly say there's not a more dedicated bunch of industry vets. It's taken a couple years, but John's patience with me finally paid off, and the timing couldn't have been more perfect for me to join up with Phalanx. I've had some great jobs in the wake industry, but John worked his magic and this one is literally a dream come true. From what I've seen so far these guys are on point, I look forward to throwing my talents and experience in the mix, and pump out some top-shelf innovative boards and riding gear!” said Ray.

"Exciting news for Phalanx inc. Mr. Ray Cruz, who I have had the pleasure of knowing for the past few years, has joined the Phalanx team and with his knowledge in business and specifically wakeboarding, he is the person we need to take us to the highest level in the industry. Phalanx started off with the idea that we were going to be the best, no compromising. Mr. Ray Cruz will be an intricate part of obtaining that goal. He has never wavered on ideals and he is one of the most honest, intelligent, forthright people I know and Phalanx is a better company because he is here. Ray’s quality level is the highest I've seen in the business and with his direction, we will meet that level and our initial commitment when we first decided to make wakeboards and that is to build the best products for our customers!"
said John Donaldson.

About Phalanx Inc.

PHALANX Inc. located in Southern California is a high-end lifestyle driven Wakeboard Company. We are dedicated to the design and the manufacturing of innovative and state of the art quality products

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