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Liquid Force Is Selling The BROstock Bus
Press Release
Date: 11-16-2009

LF has decided to sell our 2003 Ford BROstock Bus!!! This van is one of the most amazing work horses you'll find, with a powerful V10 Turbo Diesel engine under the hood. With ample room for storage in the rear, the likes of Shawn Watson, Shane Bonifay, Kevin Henshaw and many other LF team riders have been at the helm of this rig multiple times. It's wired from top to bottom with a banging sound system courtesy of Kicker Audio, this van is in great shape and runs like a thorough bread on steroids. It's logged approx. 80,000 highway miles, so it's got years of life left. We're currently taking offers, no trade-ins, so if interested hit us up at!






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