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Ride At The Projects
Projects Press Release
Date: 10-15-2009

The Projects wants you! Come out to the projects this sunday and ride all day for 10 bucks! Ride the newest most innovative wakeskating and wakeboard park in the world. Who knows what pros will be there also. Im sure the entire projects crew will be shredding all day. So come out bring your friends, your girlfriend who ever! Its going to be the best party in town. If you haven't rode the system 2.0 before this is the time to do it.

There are going to be tons of giveaways and tons of fun. If your not doing anything sunday come out and help one of the truest places to ride.

The projects is located on East Colonial drive just before you get to 520. Its easy to find behind Tropical Plumbing. If you've never been heres the address!

19454 E colonial dr, orlando FL 32820


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