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Centurion Launches State Of The Art Website
Press Release
Date: 10-11-2009

"Representing state of the art web technology and highlighting Centurion's exciting new 2010 product collection, is industry leading. Our dealers love it and consumers are ordering boats because of it," raved Centurion CMO Mark Overbye. Complete with social networking links to Centurion's Facebook page, Twitter and company blog, Centurion is on the cutting edge. Recognized as an industry innovator, Centurion is in direct communication with the marketplace and dealers.

Perhaps the most exciting element of the new website is the boat builder. Each model is shown in photographic quality with the ability to change and save literally millions of colorway possibilities. Dealers specifically cite Centurion's new boat builder as a significant tool in preparing orders. Consumer feedback is 100% positive with the company reporting spikes in website visits and time spent.

For 2010 Centurion has introduced many new features and product updates. The new Pro Vision dash is a content rich custom digital dash replete with engine monitoring systems, rider presets, ballast operations, graphic depth finder, air/ water temp, compass, stereo controls, live camera connection and even video/ dvd playback.

Also new for 2010, Centurion has teamed with PCM engines offering a complete line of catalyzed options. Centurionís proprietary Gladiator tower has won applause for its streamlined and futuristic styling and for 2010 has a growing number of tower options. Zero Off speed control is offered on all models and plugs elegantly into Centurion's new automotive style wiring harnesses. Centurion's dealer program is bulging with 3 pages of upgrades, new options and improvements for 2010.

Centurion continues to develop market driven products and forge strong relationships with its dealers. Dedicated to world class products, attractive dealer programs and intensified customer service Centurion expects to expand its global impact in 2010.

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