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Inaugural Wakeski Open
Press Release
Date: 08-07-2009

September 5, 2009

In just over a month the young sport of wakeskiing will gather at the OWC in Orlando, FL in the spirit of good times and competition! The Inaugural Wakeski Open will consist of two divisions; the Wake/Boat competition and the Cable competition. The day will begin with the boat competition, moving quickly to the Cable where Skiers will qualify in jam style sessions for the evening Cable Finals.

Riding formats and judging criteria are being developed and will be announced 2 weeks prior to the event. Heat breakdowns and lengths of jam sessions will depend on the number of athletes competing in each the Wake and Cable portion of the event.

Athletes looking to compete need to reserve their space by emailing Greg Nelson. Official entry forms will be sent out next week via email along with membership requirements for insurance purposes. At this point the WWA is considering sanctioning the event providing athlete insurance through their membership program.

For the most up to date news regarding the Inaugural Wakeski Open visit both and!

For Entry or Sponsorship Information contact Greg Nelson


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