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Hyperlite welcomes a 5th member to the Cable Team
Press Release
Date: 07-24-2009

Just launched this season, Hyperlite's Cable Team is already growing with the addition of its newest member Marc Shuster. Originally from South Africa, Marc now lives in Boca Raton and spends his shred time at the renowned Wakepark, Ski Rixen. The cable/wakepark series spans the globe and is one of the most competitive arenas in all of wakeboarding. Marc has been riding strong with a 5th place finish at the WWA Cable Worlds in Cam Sur and stop #2 in the series just held at OWC and is currently ranked 4th in the world on the cable circuit. Shuster is now off for the 3rd stop in the Ukraine and then to the T Mobile Extreme Playground event in Germany where only the top ten athletes are invited. Marc joins an international hit squad headlined by Nick Davies, Lior Sofer, Mike Ketellapper & Donald Shelbrick. To learn more about Marc Shuster and Hyperlite's Cable Team hit 'em up online at


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