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Bryan Soderlind And Obscura Wakeskates Announce Limited Edition Print
Date: 07-01-2009

Bryan Soderlind and Obscura Wakeskates are giving their supporters a chance to get in on some super limited Obscura themed merchandise. The duo are selling a limited edition Obscura print featuring team rider Danny Hampson. Soderlind's photo offers a different perspective of wakeskating and Hampson's riding, since it's from an underwater perspective. It essentially gives the viewer the opposite perspective of riding that they've become accustomed to, making it one of the most unique wakeskating shots ever taken.

Only 20 prints will be produced, and 8 of them are already spoken for. [Update! Only 4 prints remain!] And as another thank you, Soderlind will post an unofficial teaser for the new Obscura team video in their blog once all of the prints sell out.

For more information, visit Otherwise, here are Soderlind's words regarding the print and his appreciation for all of the support for the Obscura movement:


Rider: Danny Hampson

Photographer: Bryan Soderlind

Location: Ocala National Forest

Board: SST 42 Danny Hampson

The picture above is being offered as an 18×12 Durst Print in the very limited number of 20. Durst prints are of the absolute highest quality, do not confuse this with a poster. Each print will be signed and numbered by Dan and upon request the print can be made out to individuals. Total cost including shipping for the print is $65. With eight people already reserving a copy that doesn't leave many left, and we expect the remaining twelve to go fast. Be a part of history, reserve your copy today by emailing me at

We really appreciate all the support you guys have given us as we see this movement we call Obscura get off the ground. Through website changes and even a lack of posting, we've had a number of you guys give us your undying support. To anyone who entered the photo contests, left a comment, told the website to a friend, or just checked it every day, we really appreciate it. I think everyone is a part of this and to show our appreciation, when the prints sell out, we are going to release a teaser to the new Obscura movie. Not necassarily, the teaser to the film, but a small three minute gift for everyone to enjoy. For those who bought a print, it will be a time to realize they will forever be a part of something special. I think I can speak for everyone here at Obscura by saying, "Thank you for everything, we would be talking to ourselves if it weren’t for you." Well I guess I should thank technology at this time too...

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