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Trip Across America Picks Up New Sponsors
For the third straight season, Liquid Force will be bringing the Trip Across America RV to dealers and lakes around the US and Canada. Nautiques and Rip Curl have returned as presenting and supporting sponsors respectively, while Liquid Force has grabbed some other sponsors for the 2002 season of touring.

Spy has jumped on board for the 2002 season, and will be the exclusive eyewear sponsor of the Trip Across America. Spy has made a huge push into the wakeboarding world, and this is just one more step towards protecting their leadership role. “Aaron Grace has been with us as a team rider and friend for years, and now that he’s the team manager for Spy, it just makes sense to work with them. They really have their pulse on the market, and have been pumping out the best glasses and goggles I’ve ever seen. They’ve hooked up Shane, Cody Hall, Cody Ramsey, Tim Kovacich, and several of our other team riders that will be on the RV. They’re definitely supporting us and the sport,” states Don Wallace, LF Marketing Director. With the Spy deal, comes a product sponsorship from Kicker for stereo equipment, and Hansen’s for energy drinks, as well. “We’re definitely going to be the loudest, best sounding boat and RV in the country, and we’ll never fall asleep thanks to all the energy drinks Hansen’s is hooking us up with.”

A deal has also been inked with Dakine, makers of the best bags and accessories in the world. “I’ve always used Dakine’s bags, so having them on the tour is going to be great. We’re going to be promoting a brand that I truly believe in,” states Tony Finn, LF’s founder, and VP of Sales and Marketing. “Their gear is the best in the world, we’ve got several reps in common, and they truly see Wakeboarding as a strong way to bump sales domestically. They rule the surf and snow markets, and by hitting the middle of America with us, they will rule the wakeboard market, as well.”

Sponsor deals still being negotiated, include Rave Sliders, Cobian Sandles, and Airwalk Shoes. All three of these have not been confirmed at the time of this release, but are expected to sign shortly and become a part of the best and biggest wakeboard tour in the world, The Trip Across America.

For more info on these sponsors, or to get the complete schedule of Trip Across America events, check out and

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