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Performance Gravel Tour Kicks Off
Performance Ski and Surf Press Release

The 2002 Performance Ski and Surf Gravel Tour kicked off to a awesome start on Sunday March 10th. With crystal clear skies and 85 degree spring weather, over 50 riders launched the 2002 Wakeboard season with impressive style. In the hotly contested Outlaw Division, Jonathan Nadolski proved that he is going to be a rider to be reckoned with this season. His big clean style along with the technical difficulty of his pass won over the judges to earn 1st place in this highly contested division. Also proving that his offseason training has paid off was Grom rider John Jeffries who took his division with a clean stylish pass. Other winners included Chad Tidwell in the Novice Division, Tristan Sealy in Womens, Andrew Tamayo in Intermediate, and Mike Brady in Advanced Division.

The next stop on the 2002 Gravel Tour Series is April 20th at the Orlando Watersports Complex.

For more information contact Performance Ski and Surf @ 407-859-7544 or via email at

Novice Division: Overall Series Points
1: Chad Tidwell--20 pts
2: Greg Tolbert--17 pts
3: Kirk Gordon--14 pts

Grom Division:
1: John Jeffries--20 pts
2: Gus Schuler--17 pts
3: Daniel Powers--14 pts
4: Gunnar Shuler--12 pts
5: Kayla Chojnacki--10 pts

Womens Division
1: Tristan Sealey--20 pts
2: Amber Hansen--17 pts

Intermediate Division
1: Andrew Tamayo--20pts
2: Chad Friday--17 pts
3: Albert Neff--14 pts
4: Won Bemis--12 pts
5: Sean Masharella--10 pts
6: Brad Young--8 Pts
7: Craig Butinsky--6 pts
7: John Little--6 pts
8: Mike Decato--4 pts
9: Adam Evans--2 pts

Advanced Division:
1: Mike Brady--20pt
2: Ben Moss--17 pts
3: Brain Davis--14 pts
4: Adam Errington--12 pts
5: Weston Cotton--10 pts
6: Chris Canvel--8 pts
7: Corey Miner--6 pts
8: Reed Hansen--4 pts
9: Michael Connor Jr.--2 pts
10: Brett Burkhart--1 Pt

Outlaw Division:
1: Jonathon Nadolski--20 pts
2: Robin Friday--17 pts
3: Mike Schwenne--14 pts
4: Todd Skousen--12 pts
5: Ben Greenwood--10 pts
6: Jonathon Jasiewicz--8 pts
7: Justin Butinsky--6 pts
7: Dan McGaughey--6 pts
8: Edrik Jong--4 pts
9: Steven Paul--2 pts
9: Sam Wideman--2 pts
10: Robert "Tadpole" Soven--1 pt

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