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A Malibu Boat a Week for Sale Factory Direct
Press Release
Date: 03-30-2009

(Merced, CA) - The Malibu Boat of the Week Promotion features a new factory-direct Malibu boat for sale every week. These Malibu boat models are different sizes with different water sports expertise, but they all have one thing in common. They are being offered by Malibu and your nearest Malibu Boats Dealer at the best possible prices. Each week you will learn about one of these boats through multi-media web pages and e-mails.

"The Best Possible Scenario at the Best Possible Price," says Paul Singer, VP of Sales and Marketing for Malibu Boats. Paul explains, "This is a Factory Direct Sale with free delivery and special financing at your local dealership!"

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Boat of the Week Promotion 2008 Wakesetter 247 RX

These boats have graced the pages of Malibu brochures, been captured on the DVD and trained world-class athletes. These boats were built to bolster Malibu marketing efforts and since they have served Malibu, in that capacity, the factory is able to offer them to you at the "Best Possible Price". Some of these models are being sold for as much as $35,000 off MSRP with full factory warranties. The first Malibu boat being offered as a Boat of the Week is the 2008 Wakesetter 247 RX.

A new boat will be e-mailed to the Malibu Boats e-news list each week and then posted on the Malibu Boats web site. Check your mailbox and keep an eye on for your next Malibu boat. Why buy used when you can get a boat from the Malibu factory for less.

Boats will be shipped to, and delivered through the buyers nearest Malibu Boats dealer. The buyer will be responsible for all additional fees such as taxes, registration, prep, and any other applicable fees. The sale price is listed in U.S. dollars. The buyer will be responsible for any exchange rate differences if bought outside the U.S. as well as any additional shipping fees. Buyer will be required to provide a $500.00 deposit to Malibu Boats to secure boat. Boats will be bought from local Malibu dealers. All financing and paperwork will be done through that dealer. Trades will not be accepted for these boats. Please e-mail with any questions.

To stay current on all Malibu happenings subscribe to the Malibu Boats Blog RSS feed. You can also visit the Malibu Boats web site and the Malibu Boats blog.

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