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Tige Answers The Demo Challenge
Press Release
Date: 02-05-2009

Abilene, TX - Calling the challenge an "outstanding opportunity", Tige Boats announced that it is excited to participate in the Malibu "Truth is on the Water Challenge" program and is offering a free "Demo Checklist" to all prospective boat buyers.

"Tige has always strongly encouraged customers to test drive our boats and all others that they may be considering," said Tony Fussell, Tige Director of Sales for Tige. "A good demo is the perfect opportunity to show the customer the big differences between Tige and all other boats. We're really excited to go head-to-head on the water with Malibu or any other competitor."

Tige created the Demo Checklist as an objective customer guideline for onewater test drives of Tige and all other boats. The checklist outlines the key elements of an effective test drive, including how best to evaluate performance, handling, functionality and boat features.

"We agree that the best way to evaluate any boat is in the water," Fussell said. "However, if the customer doesn't know what to look for, the demo becomes just a boat ride with a sales person. Our Demo Checklist is a customer guide that will help a customer effectively evaluate Tige or any other inboard or stern drive. It really puts the customer in control of the demo."

The Demo Checklist is available free from Tige dealers at boat shows and can be downloaded on the Tige website The "Contact Tige" section of the website also allows interested customers request a Tige demo, which will be set up at a time and location that is convenient to the customer.

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