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CWB 2009 Kink wakeboard, Customize Your Ride
Press Release
Date: 12-23-2008

The Kink has been totally redesigned with a new shape for 2009. A new adjustable four fin pattern gives the rider unmatched edge control and allows the rider to dial in the board to their specific style.. The industry first adjustable fins have the ability to slide forward and back on the board. If you want the board to grip more, slide the fins back (towards the tip/tail), giving them the most bite. For a looser feel, slide the fins forward (toward the center). To change the feel of the board while riding switch make each end of the fin configuration unique.


The Kink has an increased center spine that travels from tip to tail making landings softer and making the board quicker from edge to edge. The double wingtail design makes the board sit deeper in the water when riding flat for better tracking. With the addition of a new size, 146 cm, the Kink series has a board to fit every size rider.

The CWB Kink will change what you look for in a board design, by giving the rider full customization over their ride.

Sizes: 134 cm (Up to 170 lbs), 140 cm (150 lbs & up), New 146 cm (160 lbs & up)

Weight: 7.7 lbs, 7.9 lbs, 8.1 lbs

Rocker: 2.80", 2.95", 3.05"

Rocker Type: Subtle 3-Stage

Blank: $279.99

With Vapor Hinge Tech boots: $399.99

Available at CWB Dealers or check them out online CWB Wakeboards



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