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Distortion Boarding's Grinch Winch To Be Used At SEMA Car Show In Las Vegas
Press Release
Date: 11-06-2008

Great News!!

The world famous auto tuner shop "Legendary Motorcar Company" has selected the Distortion Boarding Grinch in their latest Mercedes-Benz GLK-SEMA Tuner Challenge custom build. Mercedes-Benz has selected four of the best high performance auto turners to compete in the most outrageous modification of the all-new 2010 GLK-Class Mercedes-Benz. The contest will be judged at the SEMA car show in Las Vegas next week.


The Legendary Motorcar Company is building the ultimate skateboard car, with full rails and ramps on the GLK roof, along with grindable swing out running boards. Since skitching behind the GLK is not an option, the best modification they could ever put on the new GLK build is a Grinch from Distortion Boarding. The Tuner car will feature a Grinch attached to it so that skaters can build up quick speed to be able to hit wicked tricks off all the skating accessories on the GLK.

Check out the following Mercedes-Benz website to watch videos of the build.
1. Click on the "Watch the Videos" link
2. Click on Meet the SEMA Tuners
3. Click on Legendary Motorcar

Hey we know lots of steps, but what can we do, we build sweet extreme winches, not Mercedes-Benz websites!

For more information on Distortion Boarding and our Grinch product line, visit our own website at

Stay tuned for future updates on the SEMA GLK build and other great news about how the Grinch is changing the extreme sport world!

Adam Hart



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