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The Jobe / J-star 2009 Wakeboards Preview
Press Release
Date: 10-06-2008

Although there are still some events on the program, the season is already ending. That also means, a new season will start very soon! That's a reason for Jobe Sports Europe to let you get acquainted with a couple of boards from the new wakeboard collection of J-star. The team behind the Jobe and J-star brands have worked very hard to come with a number of brilliant shapes and designs for the new season.

In cooperation with the team riders Keith Lidberg, Jeff Weatherall, Jack Blodgett and Brett Eisenhauer, Jstar will bring four pro models on the market next season. Besides this, Jstar will come with two elegant women boards. These boards will complete the 2009 collection of Jstar.

One board, where many fanatics are waiting for, is the pro model of team rider Keith Lidberg, the Lidberg Series. This new board of Mr. Lidberg has been in development for the last six months, and after demolishing sliders, kickers and our budget we can proudly announce that it's finished! Through its unique rolled rail the board lays higher on the water and it can be used better on sliders than conventional boards. The durability? Keith rides probably more obstacles than every other rider so when he says that it can handle a hit, it's the truth!

Lidberg top

Lidberg base

Team rider Jeff Weatherall designs the Brigade Series of Jstar. The new bottom design and the rolled rail make that the board lays a bit higher on the water, keeps its speed and has the right balance. Together with a little less aggressive bend behaviour this cares for a quick vivid all-round shape. This is how Jeff thinks about it and who are we to say that we don't agree with him.

Brigade 134

Brigade 138

Brigade 142

Brigade base

We don't give away what the details are on the boards of Jack Blodgett (Vanity Series) and Brett Eisenhauer (Region Series) yet. In October the new catalogue of Jobe Sports Europe will come out. You can admire the whole Jstar collection in this fabulous piece of art.

For the ladies Jstar is also coming hard this year! With the Muse and the Ruby, Jstar brings two boards that are specially designed for women. The Muse has long worked fins, which cares for a better stability. The 'banked step rail' makes sure that there's a more 'real like, edgy feel'. The Ruby is designed for female riders who are searching for a relaxed ride with easy waterstarts. The Ruby has a broader profile and its molded fin design cares for a fast board with an explosive pop.

J-Star Ruby

J-Star Muse

You can check the new bindings of Jobe and Jstar on our website very soon; So keep an eye on it!

You know how we do it, Team Jobe/Jstar!

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