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Ride Like a Pro for an Entry-level Price
Press Release
Date: 08-19-2008

The new 21 vRide wakeboard boat from Malibu Boats is your ticket to professional-level wakeboarding without an expert's price.

(Merced, CA) - The 21 vRide is a 21-foot by 8.2-foot wakeboard boat that offers pro-level wakeboarding accommodation without the high-flying price. Malibu's Ride Series of boats features much of what you need to bolster your riding potential, but nothing you don't. You'll find some of the same core riding systems on the 21 vRide that you find in Malibu's coveted Wakesetter Series. The 2009 Ride Series from Malibu Boats is redefining entry-level.

Training partner to the stars, the 21 vRide has been the difference in many professional wakeboarding careers. Dallas Friday, Phillip Soven, Randall Harris, Chad Sharpe, Brian Grubb and Kevin Henshaw have all trained behind this 21-footer at one time since its introduction as a Wakesetter in 2005. Before being dubbed the 2009 21 vRide this boat pulled Friday to an unprecedented string of wins in 2006, Soven to a Pro Tour title in '07 and the legendary Randall Harris back onto the wakeboard scene. You won't find this caliber of credentials surrounding any other entry-level wakeboard boat. The same can be said for the vRide's list of standard features.

The 21 vRide's features-set reads like a professional wakeboarder's survival kit; everything you need to go big. The 21 vRide is built on the, pros' choice, V25 Wake hull that has been throwing riders to new heights for years. This amazing towboat also sports a forward swept collapsible Illusion X tower made of cast aluminum for strength and easy accessorizing. The 21 vRide rivals the wake versatility of the industries top wakeboard boats with 400 pounds of tanked sub-floor ballast, filled and drained at the dash. You can even add another 500-pound mid-ship ballast tank for more pop. This Malibu wakeboard boat also comes standard with Precision Pro Speed Control that is controlled through the in-dash LCD for ease of use. And if a 21 vRide buyer is looking for additional wakeboarding performance and versatility there's the available Patented Power Wedge that offers another 1200 pounds of displacement and customizable wake shape.

Aside from the powerful wakeboarding tools, the 21 vRide offers a surprising level of comfort and accommodation for a value-class model. The social wrap-around lounge will host a majority of the 11 people this boat is rated for. Overflow seating is located in the bow where a removable bow filler cushion toggles this space between lounge and playpen. During those chilly morning searches for smooth water, when the bow is not an attractive seating option, slide in the walk-through wind block and enjoy shelter from the cold.

The 21 vRide spoils the driver as much as the rider. The dash is hand-wrapped and fitted with a high-contrast LCD screen and 5.5" digital Medallion gauges framed in chromed billet. Almost all boat systems including Precision Pro Sped Control can be monitored through the in-dash LCD. The rocker switches are also framed by a billet piece on either side of the Dino Steering wheel. The driver's seat comes standard with a filp-up bolster, automotive-style lumbar, 8-position adjustment and over 180 degrees of rotation toward the lounge. And because the audience deserves as much accommodation as the rider and driver, the 21 vRide is full of storage.

This wakeboard boat accommodates 11 people and 11 people's stuff with LED lit, finished and carpeted storage centers. Rear locking storage can house more than 30 cubic feet of what ever you want to put in it including boards, vests and big bags. The rear hatch door bins are specifically designed to welcome smaller items like cell phones, soap and gloves that can get lost in Malibu's expansive storage areas. There is also storage located beneath every seat including a 60-quart self-draining ice chest with a removable insulated bag for easy loading and unloading. The 21 vRide offers even more secure storage with a 1.5 cubic foot locking glove box that houses a 12-volt power point and slip-less rubber tray for valuables. Everything has a safe place in a 21 vRide.

The 21 vRide shares much of the comfort, performance and features of the other models in Malibu's line, but the 2009 Ride Series models have a look all their own. Malibu recognizes the need for boat owners to be distinct on the water and they are addressing that desire with a unique gel coat scheme and graphics on the 2009 Ride Series models. That and the new look is just tight! The main hull color on the 21 vRide is two-tone and sliced vertically right down the middle of the boat. The main color panel cut-a-way is stamped with "Ride" to broadcast your water sports inclination to anyone who hasn't seen you going off behind the boat.

The 2009 21 vRide is a rider's dream that doesn't turn to a nightmare when the bill comes. The vRide joins 11 other Malibu models in the 2009 model line-up. Visit your nearest Malibu dealer to experience the Malibu Difference on the water.

Length: 21' 6"/6.55m
Beam: 98"/2.49m
Draft: 24"/0.61m
Capacity: 11 persons
Weight: 3500 lbs./1633k
Fuel: 46 gal./174L
Hull Design: V25 Wake

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