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Results from TSR's Wakeskate Specific Thursday Night Showdown
The second week of Texas Ski Ranch Thursday Night Showdown Series was an experience that won't soon be forgotten by all the wakeskaters that were involved, thanks to the judges and coaches that were on the boat helping all participants. Aaron Reed, Danny Hampson and Bret Little were in town participating in the Byerly Toe Jam Series that is going down this weekend, and offered a helping hand to all participants that rode in this weeks wakeskate only showdown event. Riders tore it up on the Mastercraft boat lake and were given a chance to show off their skills. Also to intensify the competition, the winner of each division was given a brand new Helium Vest of their choice. Spencer Carroll took first in the Beginner divisio nand David Roehm got first in the intermediate division. Darrin Wahl tookout the local rippers Tom Fooshee and Gable Lucas in the advanced division. He stuck a few wake to wake jumps in the flats and finished with a big FrontSide wake to wake 180 and was cheered on by the crowd and judges. Tom Fooshee even attempted the classic around the boat trick at the end of his run. Next week is sure to pack the heat with the regular showdown series continuing with the beginner, intermediate, advanced and pro division wakeboard and open wakeskate.

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