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Boat and Cable Action At TSR's Annual Cablestock Event
Date: 05-07-2008
Author: Jacob Sagemuehl

View video footage from the event here

On Friday, May 2nd, TSR kicked off its annual Cablestock festival giving Texans a much appreciated early jumpstart to the summertime season. The event featured a slew of diverse talent including riders from Florida, the UK, and naturally tons of local Texans.

There was plenty of solid riding to witness throughout the weekend, both on the cable and behind the boat. Standouts include Brett Little and Aaron Reed owning the cable and boat wakeskating competitions respectively (with Oury Yarbrough right on their heels); Anna Hajeck, Holland Finley, and Heather Johnson all throwing down for the ladies; and Nick Davies Tom Fooshee, Josh Rice, and Andrew Adkison dominating on the wakeboard.

Aside from watching the pros ride, there was plenty of other entertainment for spectators which included a Texas Hold 'Em tournament, live music compliments of local band NS/NS (all wakeboarders, btw), and the ever popular bikini contest. Of course, the best part would be that the cable was open to the public so everyone got a chance to ride and let loose.

Big props out to TSR and all the sponsors for putting together another fun filled event! Be sure to check out TSR and hit some rails whenever you get a chance!


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