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New Agreement Reached Between Aquastar Inc.'s Zero Off And EControls Inc. And Perfect Pass
Press Release
Date: 05-02-2008

Zero Off, the leader in GPS speed control technology, and EControls, Inc., the manufacturer of Zero Off, have reached an agreement with PerfectPass, the respected long time industry speed control provider. The agreement states that starting with the 2009 boat model year, Zero Off will be the exclusive GPS speed control system provided by OEM boat manufacturers for all "Throttle by Wire" applications. This technology is utilized by most leading engine builders in the inboard and stern drive marine markets.

"This is positive and exciting news for professionals as well as recreational athletes and enthusiasts. This agreement provides standardization for training athletes, and consolidates the integration of the speed control and engine management system for improved reliability and robustness." - Jeremy Lessaris - Marketing Manager AquaStar, Inc.

"The decision to sell this division of our business was a difficult one for all of us", stated company President Eric Horton. "Ultimately, we recognized that EControls had a competitive advantage due to their existing engine controls business. They were a natural buyer of our business which fits perfectly into their existing business model. EControls is a superb company with a strong engineering and management team."

Since its inception Zero Off has gained momentum and skier acceptance through its performance, ease of operation, and proven track record. Zero Off has had great success over the past two years; passing AWSA testing, gaining AWSA tournament certification, becoming exclusive supply partners with Correct Craft for the 2008 model year, and working with major OEM boat manufacturers for the 2009 model year release. In addition, Zero Off has been chosen as the official speed control for the 2008 Masters Waterski Tournament as well as the MasterCraft Pro Tour - including the US Open.

"We all can relate to how GPS has made our lives easier in many applications. Aquastar, Inc., Zero Off, and EControls, Inc., have brought true GPS technology to the Waterski and Wakeboard Industry. This announcement and this team paves the way for future technology advancements to the boating industry, and the sport of Waterski and Wakeboard." - Andy Mapple

"Zero Off has proven to be the leader in GPS based speed control both in three-event skiing as well as the wakeboard market. I'm extremely excited to see the future advancements a company like Zero Off can bring to our sports." - Freddy Krueger

"I never felt so light and so strong behind a boat before I experienced Zero Off. I ran six out of six 39's off in a Pro Event last year in 2007. The system has enormous potential and it will increase the level of this sport, it's a tremendous tool for this industry." - Thomas Degasperi

"I feel comfortable putting anyone in the driver seat now that I can depend on Zero Off to do the job. Whether I need a straight line or a huge double up, I know my speed will be dead on." - Shaun Murray

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The future of speed control is here!

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