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The Byerly Toe Jam - Final Results Cable And Overall Title On The Line At OWC
Conditions were perfect at the Orlando Watersports Complex today for cable riding during the final event of the 2007 Toe Jam wakeskate series, The Byerly Toe Jam presented by O'Neill.

16 of today's best pro wakeskaters battled it out on the rails and also pushed the level with flip tricks, big spins and 360 shoves off the water's surface. After 28 runs, the judges narrowed the field down to two riders, Reed Hansen and TSR Cable Jam champion, Bret Little.

Little rode solid all day, but missed his kickflip in the finals, leaving the door open for Hansen, who proceeded to land five different flip tricks and a front board backside big spin off the Reef box. The flip tricks included a kickflip, varial flip, frontside flip, 360 flip and a double kickflip at the very end of his run.

The crowd was amazed with this run, and even Hansen himself was taken back by his performance. "If you told me to go back out there and do that again, there's no way I could."

Hansen was also very appreciative of the opportunity to bring his riding to the biggest stage in wakeskating. "I have to thank Scott Byerly for creating the Toe Jam. Not only did he help pioneer our sport, but also this contest series which is totally legit. It gets everybody together and pushes the sport. So many new tricks have gone down this year and the whole series has been unreal."

Known as the winningest wakeskater in the sport, Brian Grubb earned the overall title and a brand new Sea-Doo Wake edition PWC for his cumulative points earned from the four events. Nick Taylor came in second followed by Ben Kaiser in third.

Clint Tompkins was still basking in his Winch Best Trick title from Friday night, where he landed a 270 to switch front board to win. Other titles from the 2007 Byerly Toe Jam include the following:

2007 Byerly Toe Jam Champions
Wake - Brian Grubb
Rail Park - Ben Horan
Winch - Clint Tompkins (270 to switch front board)
Cable - Reed Hansen
Overall - Brian Grubb

The Byerly Toe Jam would like to thank the Finals presenting sponsor O'Neill, plus Sea-Doo, Hyperlite, Reef, Arnette, Air Nautiques and Rockstar. For more info, go to . To learn more about The Projects, go to . Special thanks to Lazy Moon for catering as well as the Orlando Watersports Complex .

Check out the event photos in the Photo Gallery. Photos

Rail Jam
Heat 1: Reed Hansen (1) Vs. Aaron Reed (2)
Heat 2: Drew Danielo (1) Vs. Matt Manzari (2)
Heat 3: Brian Grubb (1) Vs. George Daniels (2)
Heat 4: Nick Taylor (1) Vs. Steven Campbell (2)
Heat 5: Ben Kaiser (1) Vs. John Ruark (2)
Heat 6: Brandon Thomas (2) Vs. Clint Tompkins (1)
Heat 7: Ben Horan (2) Vs. James Balzer (1)
Heat 8: Brett Little (1) Vs. Stuart Shinn (2)

Heat 1: Reed Hansen (1) Vs. Drew Danielo (2)
Heat 2: Brett Little (1) Vs. James Balzer (2)
Heat 3: Ben Kaiser (1) Vs. Clint Tompkins (2)
Heat 4: Nick Taylor (2) Vs. Brian Grubb (1)

Heat 1: Brett Little (1) Vs. Ben Kaiser (2)
Heat 2: Brian Grubb (2) Vs. Reed Hansen (1)

Heat 1: Brett Little (2) Vs. Reed Hansen (1)

Brian Grubb (1)
Nick Taylor (2)
Ben Kaiser (3)

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