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Transgression Pre-booking now..get an Autographed Standerd 1.2
Picture this: Tim Kovacich pop shoves a multi-colored catamaran in the cloud covered mountains of Bali. Kyle Rattray back boards a fallen tree lit by the moon in the front yard of Gator's haunted mansion. Ryan Doyle conquers the biggest, most kinked rail on a wakeskate ever seen, nightime. Steve Edwards pre-grabs a crow mobe at our top secret training lair in Ft.Myers. Gator behind the pulpit in a crowded southern baptist church. Keith Lidberg, airing off kink one to front boarding kink five with a 270 somewhere in between on a monstrous rail in a remote Thai location. Ricky G, neck brace, hospital bed, anxiously awaiting x-ray results after a swimming pool to green Chevy Caprice to river attempt goes bad. Practice bombs blasting behind house sized signs of red skull and cross bones on the shores of an army base while we ride amongst swarming patrol boats on the Singapore/Malaysia boarder. A flying Nunn. Drew Mcguckin, closely following the sunrise, frontside flips on a river in the Dominican Republic while a dead pig floats by. Boards spraying fiery waters in the Mexican desert. We unleash upon the world our newly acquired secret weapon, Matt Manzari. Idaho waters, black and green cliffs, I nervously step in to my board for the first time in over two years. Sunrise fades in to sunset and boarders blend together.

Transgression transcends beyond the mere confines of a wakeboard film. For those involved it was an adventure. For me it was a life changing experience. For you it will be an inspirational cinematic journey.

Pre-Book your copy of Transgression and get a FREE copy of the Standerd 1.2 autographed by Vandall, Ronn and a select few by Matt Manzari. The first 50 to pre-book will receive a copy of this limited autographed Standerd.

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Special thanks to the Standerd. If you would like to subscribe check out their website.

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