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Rockstar Wake Jam Day One: Heavy Wake Action Goes Off At The Hippodrome
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33 of the world's best wakeskaters charged the huge Malibu boat wake today at stop number three on the Byerly Toe Jam Tour, The Hippodrome / Rockstar Wake Jam. Glassy conditions and sunny skies set the stage at Koppert Lake in Toledo, Washington for an epic day of wakeskating.

Riders and their friends were enjoying the laid back, heady camping Hippodrome vibe set in motion last year by founders Silas Thurman and Colin Wright. Rockstar Energy Drinks were flowing and several wakeskaters completely killed it.

Notable moves were Brandon Thomas' re-entry 360 shove, Nick Taylor's toeside backside 180 and backside 360, Brian Grubb's smooth backside 180 and shove-indy, Scott Byerly's re-entry 360 shove, Stuart Shinn's big heelside 360 and some nice kickflips by Ryan Doyle and Silas Thurman. Thurman was glad to ride well and was happy with today's events, "This was the best wake riding we've seen this year in the Northwest and that was only the semifinals."

As the team manager for Nike 6.0, Thurman is anxiously awaiting tomorrow's main event, the Nike 6.0 Winch Jam, where today's 33 riders get to throw down for "Best Trick" down the four stair, two hubba pool-to-pool gap.

Known as the most important event series in the sport of wakeskating, the Byerly Toe Jam is in full swing and the wakeskaters are psyched to have their own tour. So much progressive riding has been going down this year, and the Toe Jam has been able to showcase a great portion of it. For more, go to:

Supporting this leg of the tour is presenting sponsor Rockstar Energy Drink, plus Malibu Boats, Nike 6.0, Billabong and Byerly Boards. Special thanks to Active Water Sports for all their help as well.

Tail grab, top and bottom.

RESULTS Toe Jam #3 Top 2 Advance
Wakeskate (all levels)
Qualifying Round Heat #: 01
1 Thomas, Brandon USA 73.33
2 Horan, Ben USA 55.00

3 Doyle, Ryan CAN 41.67
4 Ruark, John USA 30.00

Wakeskate (all levels)
Qualifying Round Heat #: 02
1 Taylor, Nick USA 78.33
2 Kaiser, Ben USA 51.67

3 Watson, Reed USA 43.33
4 Kerce, Johnny USA 30.00

Wakeskate (all levels)
Qualifying Round Heat #: 03
1 Daniels, George USA 66.67
2 Little, Bret USA 53.33

3 Paulson, Gabe USA 36.67
4 McMurtrie, Steve USA 26.67

Wakeskate (all levels)
Qualifying Round Heat #: 04
1 Grubb, Brian USA 80.00
2 Cambell, Steven USA 53.33

3 Park, Evan CAN 45.00
4 Byerly, Scott USA 36.67

Wakeskate (all levels)
Qualifying Round Heat #: 05
1 Gregory, Chase USA 76.67
2 Thurman, Silas USA 68.33

3 Hanson, David USA 50.00
4 Petrasko, Matt USA 13.33

Wakeskate (all levels)
Qualifying Round Heat #: 06
1 Hansen, Reed USA 83.33
2 Bowlby, Keaton USA 60.00

3 Valliere, Nick USA 54.17
4 Champion, Tanner USA 20.00

Wakeskate (all levels)
Qualifying Round Heat #: 07
1 Danielo, Drew USA 75.00
2 Manzari, Matt USA 63.33

3 Rasnick, Dustin USA 43.33
4 McNeil, Megan USA 41.67

Wakeskate (all levels)
Qualifying Round Heat #: 08
1 Shinn, Stuart USA 76.67
2 Balzer, James CAN 61.67

3 Stone, Zak USA 53.33
4 Wright, Collin USA 40.00
5 Van Dur Linde, Tim USA 40.00

Team work, what!
Drew Danielo, from a distance...
Brian Grubb, grabbing melancholy in between his body varial, but not feeling as such...

View the Toe Jam Stop #3 photo gallery here.

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