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The Truth...Day before Independence Day Edition!
First off, it's time to announce the winners of our "Bonifay Giveaway contest"....
OK....OK...we admit...we're a little late in announcing the winner of our "Bonifay Giveaway" contest (we said we'd announce the winner on July 1st). You have to cut us some slack, though....there were WAY too many good photos to pick from. Thanks to all of you that submitted the was fun diving through all of these....we hope you had as much fun shooting them.

Although we said we were going to pick one winner, we couldn't pick just fact, we've picked 4! That's right...there are 4 winners (actually 8 if you count the photographers)! We have one Grand Prize winner and 3 others that will win cool prize packages as well.

Here we go....

First Place/Grand Prize winner...
Matt Bradley from Australia with his stylish Method Grab and impersonation of Gregg it just us, or is he a dead ringer? Matt and his photographer (who is currently not named) will both be getting a new Shane setup to rock the rest of the season! Matt impressed the judges with his riding and the photographer impressed us by capturing the action perfectly! Check out the Photo Gallery for this great shot.

First Runner up...
Mark Metcalf and his crew of backyard rippers...check out this picture of Mark ripping the rail as he's getting pulled by a quad....are you kidding me? If that doesn't say "core" we don't know what does! Mark and his photographer will each be getting a new '07 Shane board and binding for their efforts....sorry we can't help you with a boat guys! Check out the Photo Gallery for this great shot.

Second Runner up...
Matt Starnes and his styled out stale-fish captured our attention back in March when it was first submitted. We're not totally sure what it was about the photo that grabbed our attention, but we really enjoyed the shot... We don't know Matt, but it looks like he must be someone popular in his hometown... check out the paparazzi on the boat! Matt and the person behind the lens will both be receiving a new '07 LF Shane board for their efforts. Check out the Photo Gallery for this great shot.

Third Runner up and first in the Wakeskate division....
Well, there wasn't an official Wakeskate division, but we thought we'd create one after we saw this killer backside 180 shot of James Balzer! We loved the trick, loved the action coming off the water, and loved the color....nice work guys! James and his photographer will each win an LF SST Wakeskate when they're available in August. Check out the Photo Gallery for this great shot.

Again...we had a great time searching through all of the photos...thanks to all of you that submitted them!


-Shane and the LF Crew

Did someone say BROstock???? One down, 3 to go...

Want to know where you can pick up some of the cool swag that our very own Aaron Grace is rocking in his "BRO-shot"? can only get them at BROstock....

BROstock stop #2.... July 13-15... Lake Oroville, CA... Bidwell Marina: When word spread that we'd be hosting an event in Nor-Cal, it didn't take long for us to realize that this may be our biggest event of the year! Houseboats are filling up fast and BROstock is gaining momentum. Lake Oroville will be the site of our second BROstock and will be our second shoot with our 2008 product. Don't miss out on this opportunity to see our gear before the rest of the world does. The crew has been working hard to get it ready, so we’'e sure you won't be disappointed. If you want to hang out and party with us, you need to do one of the following...bring a tent and camp out next to us or reserve your own houseboat and post up along side us for the weekend at Lake Oroville.

To reserve your own houseboat at Lake Oroville for BROstock go to Riders that will be attending stop #2 will include Shane Bonifay, Kevin Henshaw, Mike Ennen, Collin Harrington, Melissa Marquardt, Shelby Kantar, Daniel Doud and more.

BROstock stop #3... August 10-12... Smith Mt. Lakes, Virginia
New to the BROstock series in 2007 is Smith Mountain Lakes in Virginia. August 10th is when the fun will begin and it will last all through the weekend until the 12th. Our friend and team rider, Brian Reeder and his crew are gearing up for the event and have picked out a spot for us to hang/party.... Here's an email we just received from Brian....

My brother and I talked about where we wanted to have the meeting spot and decided that the Cliffs were a perfect spot. They are located on the Blackwater River Channel (on the map attached) which is on the opposite side of the lake than wake n skate.(the Hales Ford Bridge Side)

We picked the cliffs because....

-We won't get in trouble for partying
-The cliffs are fun the jump off.
-The smoothest water the lake has to offer is right around the corner.
-The dam and other scenic places to take photos and film are close by.
-The drive around to the Black-water river side will give you guys a chance to really check out all the lake has to offer.

Did someone say we won't get in trouble for partying???? Sounds perfect to us!!! We hope you'll come join us. For info on where to get houseboats and any other questions you may have, stay tuned for updates, or call our friends at Wake and Skateboard Shop in Moneta, VA... 540-721-1941. A complete list of riders attending will be available on our website soon.

BROstock stop #4... August 31-Sept 1... Lake Shuswap, Canada
BROstock is going Int'l in 2007.... OK, so we're not going that far, but we are crossing the border to visit our friends up north. If you'd care to join us be sure to reserve your houseboat ASAP... they are filling up as you read this. Go to and reserve your houseboat. Details on the exact location on the lake will be updated soon. All we can say is you better put your party shoes on, eh! Pretty much the entire LF team has confirmed that they'll be attending this one... Henshaw, Shane, Watson, Melissa, Aaron Reed, Danny, etc… they'll all be there... you should, too!

And finally... a quick congrats to our newest cover boy, Tom Fooshee!
Tom's a newcomer to our LF crew, but it didn't take him long to make a statement! Check out the newest WakeBoarding Magazine cover with Tom ripping at the Camsur Watersports Complex in the Philippines. Tom is a great guy and we're stoked to have him on the team. If you'd like to see Tom ride in person, you can catch him at the Texas Ski Ranch ( most days (unless he's traveling the world competing and representing LF).

That's it for now... we hope to see all of you at a BROstock near you... stay tuned for more info about the world we call Liquid Force in an upcoming edition of "The Truth". Have a great 4th of July!!!!

Check out the the photos in the Photo gallery

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