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Byerly Toe Jam Day Two Results: Wake Riding
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Rockstar Rail Jam Day #2 - Wake Riding
Crazy Head-To-Head Showdowns All Day

As today's host Scott Byerly celebrated his birthday, 16 wakeskaters challenged each other in head-to-head battles in the wake competition of stop number one on the Byerly Toe Jam Tour, The Rockstar Energy Drink Rail Jam.

making heads or tails of it
Coin tosses begin the finals festivities. Photo: Rodrigo Donoso

The Air Nautique 220 served up a perfect wake and the riders went off, with memorable moves like Aaron Reed's frontside 360 into the flats, Danny Hampson's wake-to-wake frontside big spin, Drew Danielo's floaty toeside shove-indy, Nick Taylor's toeside backside 180, Brandon Thomas' kickflips and Brian Grubb's backside and frontside spins, as well as backside 180's and shove-indy's.

ridin dirrty
BT and his patented kickflip stee... Photo: Rodrigo Donoso

The head-to-head final included rising star Nick Taylor against veteran wake rider Brian Grubb, with Grubb taking the victory for the wake category. Overall, the riders and media were buzzing with excitement over today's incredible wake riding. The same 16 riders will be competing together in the rail park final tomorrow, which is guaranteed to bring out the highest level of wakeskating in the world.

Brian Grubb, waving and boning out his ollie. Photo: Rodrigo Donoso

In addition to Rockstar and Air Nautiques, Byerly would like to thank Sea Doo, Gator Boards, O'Neill, Reef, Arnette and Performance Ski & Surf.

go shorty...
It's your birthday! Photo: Rodrigo Donoso

Qualifying Round 1
1 Kaiser, Ben USA 56.67

2 Gregory, Chase USA 46.67

Qualifying Round 2
1 Thomas, Brandon USA 78.33

2 Manzari, Matt USA 60

Qualifying Round 3
1 Cambell, Steven USA 63.33

2 Ruark, John USA 40

Qualifying Round 4
1 Grubb, Brian USA 66.67

2 Hansen, Reed USA 53.33

Qualifying Round 5
1 Taylor, Nick USA 85

2 Reed, Aaron 78.33

Qualifying Round 6
1 Daniels, George USA 45

2 Becqueriaux, Luis SPA 31.67

Qualifying Round 7
1 Basino, Phillip USA 33.33

2 Hanson, David USA 33.33

Qualifying Round 8
1 Danielo, Drew USA 80

2 Hampson, Danny 75

Quarter Finals 1
1 Taylor, Nick USA 66.67

2 Kaiser, Ben USA 40

Quarter Finals 2
1 Thomas, Brandon USA 63.33

2 Cambell, Steven USA 51.67

Quarter Finals 3
1 Daniels, George USA 60

2 Basino, Phillip USA 38.33

Quarter Finals 4
1 Grubb, Brian USA 76.67

2 Danielo, Drew USA 66.67

Semi Finals 1
1 Grubb, Brian USA 78.33

2 Daniels, George USA 60

Semi Finals 2
1 Taylor, Nick USA 88.33

2 Thomas, Brandon USA 68.33

Finals 1
1 Grubb, Brian USA 58.33

2 Taylor, Nick USA 35

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