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2007 WWA Wake Park Series
The World Wakeboard Association (WWA) has teamed up with US wake park owners, operators, riders and WakeBoarding magazine in the largest collective effort to date to create the first WWA Wake Park Series for 2007. Each of the 4 wake parks in the US, including TSR, KC Watersports, OWC and Ski Rixen, along with Ten-80 have stepped up to make a home for a contest at each of their wake sites.

The WWA has worked on a completely new event format and scoring program as well as reviewed rules and regulations to foster the growth and progression of this wake sport segment on a global level. The new judging format, collectively developed by riders and WWA cable officials will be employed during the first Wake Park Series event at TSR’s Cablestock. The first ever cumulative scored wake park series will name an overall champion for wakeboard and wakeskate during the Series Finals at Ski Rixen in November. Riders will earn points not only for placing in events but simply for participating in qualifying rounds as well.

There is some incredible undiscovered talent to be exposed at each wake park, and the series championship, which ties all the events together with a grand prize, ensures that the best riders will be at each venue to put on an amazing show.

2007 WWA Wake Park Series Dates:

TSR - Cablestock (May 11-13)

KC Watersports - KC Classic (Aug 4-5)

OWC - WWA US Wake Park Nationals (Sept. 7-9)

Ski Rixen - WWA Wake Park Finals (Nov 10-11)


Pro Men, Wakeskate, Open Women, Jr. Men

Obstacles Only (at certain venues)

*Additional divisions to come for the US Wake Park Nationals

Total Purse:



Complete the form, and fax or email it in to The WWA at (407) 362-7766 or

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