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The Grind: Wakesports and Music Festival presented by Tige Boats
Under360 is at it again!! Kicking off the season with an extreme sports and music festival, in conjunction with Roadway Productions, 360 Wakeboard Club, and 101x this event promises to be one of the biggest of the year. The event will feature: a wakeboard rail jam contest, a skateboard demonstration, vendors from the wakeboard industry and a live concert throughout the day.

The wakeboarding exhibition will feature Local & Professional Riders such as Tommy Fooshee, Brian Sasser, Ross Skrudland, Bret Little, Danny Sherrill, Mitch Bergsma and many others competing head-to-head in a Rail Jam. These riders are looking to take it to the next level as they will compete for the $1000 Boardstop First Place Prize and the crown following the Austin Boat Show.

Local dealers will be on-hand to show off some of the new 2007 wakeboard boats, boards and accessories. There will be plenty of activities, food and beverages to keep you going for the entire day. and will host a riders' area with food and beverages. Riders will be able to relax in a Lovesac under the Red Bull tent and chow down on some food from Wahoo's.

Did we mention this is a music festival? We'll have live music throughout the day.

The MUSIC: Non-Stop Alternative Rock!


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