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Nike 6.0 Redwood Insurgent Pack Release Date Announced


Did someone say collector's edition? Break out your tents and stake out your place in line— starting the week of March 26, Nike 6.0 will be rolling out the Redwood Pack, a limited run collection made up of the Redwood Insurgent shoe, the Redwood Tee and Redwood Fitted Cap.

The wood grain pattern on the shoe, and apparel prints were inspired by the forests and beaches of California, home of the legendary Redwoods, Santa Cruz's legendary swells and an occasional visit from Bigfoot.

The Redwood Pack is lead by the Insurgent— lean, mean and on the prowl. An exposed air unit keeps heels from getting hammered, and a bombproof TPU toe piece shrugs off whatever punishment comes its way. The Redwood Insurgent's tech is backed up with tons of style—a sleek silhouette and crisp detailing make this shoe stunt-hungry and stylish.

Limited Edition Redwood Air Insurgent, $100, 316907-671
Redwood Tee, $28, 258078-201
Redwood Cap, $28, 258079-220

LE Redwood insurgent

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