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Aussie's Stand Proud on Australia Day at the Australian Pro Tour of Wakeboarding
Competition was at an all time high for the men's semi finals with Australia verse America - Daniel Watkins took out Keith Lyman in a near perfect run completed with a magnificent double up. The youngest competitor of the Pro Tour, 15 year old Mitch Langfield threw down the gauntlet with a Whirlybird 540 and a Nuclear Toe-side roll to blind, but it was Austin Hair who took out the semi confidently riding just enough to beat the youngster.

Daniel Watkins rode first and took two early falls in his finals run with a crowd pleasing S-bend and Back Side 540 followed a massive KGB off his double brought his overall score up. Austin Started his final run, with a massive Front Flip to Fakie, then an early fall meant Austin had to really step it up to secure a win from Daniel. A very technical Pete Rose and 720 made his pass complete, although he fell on his double up attempt - but it was Daniel Watkins who took home the cash for the second time this tour.

The standard in the women's division stepped up a level yet again particularly due to the perfect conditions - beautiful smooth water a perfect wake. Finalists Amber Wing, Hayley Smith, Barrett Perlman, Andrea Fountain, Sunni Ann Ball and Kath Moore exhibited their best, with Moore the first woman to Ollie on to the flat bar. But it was the Australian's that raised the bar yet again, Amber Wing with a near perfect path took out the final, although Hayley Smith went trick for trick the difference between the two being Amber's Whirlybird.

Daniel Watkins is now leading the tour 18 points ahead of Dean Smith and 20 points ahead of Jeff Weatherall and Amber Wing is leading the women's division however with only a 7 point lead ahead of Hayley Smith.

Competition is going to heat up as riders head north to Queensland for the final round of the of the APTW held in Brisbane right on the river at South Bank on 3 & 4 February.


1 Daniel Watkins (AUS)
2 Austin Hair (USA)
=3 Mitch Langfield (AUS)
=3 Keith Lyman (USA)

1 Amber Wing (AUS)
2 Hayley Smith AUS)
3 Barrett Perlman (USA)
4 Andrea Fountain (NZ)

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